What Do More DaVinci Customers Say About Their Roofs?

DaVinci Shake and Slate Alternative RoofingOver the years our clients have been giving us the thumbs up about our products. We love getting their feedback and continually work to make our products the best in the industry. We’ve selected some key points from some testimonials to give you an inside peek into how our products change lives and leave many people smiling. We also provided a ‘how it works” section to make it easier for you to understand our products and the points mentioned in the testimonial.

Client: The Alsmillers
Location: Ft. Worth Texas
Key testimonial points: “….durability and appearance…” “…Light Grey custom blend…”
How it Works: The durability and appearance of our products are intrinsically tied with technology and science. Each slate and shake we design is engineered with 100% pure virgin resins and offers a 50-year warranty. You can choose from our palettes or provide your own color preference to get the color and appearance you prefer.

Client: B. Gale
Location: Whittier, CA
Key testimonial points: “…tired of breaking concrete tiles”, “…lightweight makes up for additional weight of solar panels…”, “association does not allow asphalt shingles…needed something that looks like tiles…”
How it works:  Concrete tiles are heavy and can break easily when load is applied. This makes it difficult for homeowners and business owners to maintain and install solar panels because of the extra weight of the panels and fragility of the tiles. DaVinci Roofscapes lightweight roofing tiles are easy to install and imitate the look of tiles. Our products are accepted by a wide variety of building associations so installing them should be hassle free. Furthermore, you can install solar panels on them and make your building even more energy efficient with the green characteristics of our tiles.

Need to renovate or are you considering constructing a new building? DaVinci has a varied line of products that will suite your project needs and give leave you with a beautiful designer roof.