What Product Would Help Us to Match Original Roof Design?

Please see 3 attached Photos (Front, back, side of house). Considering DaVinci to replace current roof. Davinci “Single-Width Slate” looks to match current design of original roof. Current clay tile roof is original to house built in 1937 but believe color scheme different (believe originally house painted in white trim). Request help with a recommendation for choosing color of a new roof to best go with house. Considering Slate Back or Smokey Gray?

Thank you for the assistance.

Clayton, MO
Product: DaVinci Single-Width Slate (thinking Slate Back or Smokey Gray)
clay tile roof on 1937 home


Dear Mr. Gelzer,

Either of the color choices you are considering for you new roof will work quite well.

Going with the Single-Width DaVinci Slate will be in keeping with the style that was original to your home’s style and period. Moving away from the clay color will give your home a new and updated look.

With how the color of your brick looks in the photos, I am leaning towards Smokey Gray just slightly more than Slate Black because the tone of your bricks appears appears to be warm and softened a bit by a gray colorcast. The Smokey Gray has these same qualities.

Going with Slate Black would be a sharper contrast to the bricks giving your home a more formal look. It really just depends on what you are after.

You mention the historical white trim and if you do decide to go back to this look take time to find just the right white. One good place to get started is to look for the colorcast in the grout between your bricks. Is it cool gray, warm yellowish gray or something else? Matching the undertone of your white to the colorcast of your grout usually insures that the white will also work well with your brick.

For example if the grout looks warm or yellowish then you will want to find a warm white or creamy off white. Put several white paint chips near your grout and bricks to narrow down your selection. Once you have a white you think is right I recommend painting is on a good size section of your trim so that you can stand back from your home and make sure you like how it looks. A color that you liked in the store may seem too bright when used outdoors. It is best to always look at the color where you will be using it.

I hope that helps you to make a decision about your roof color. The DaVinci Slate will be a nice update for your lovely home.


Kate Smith
DaVinci Roofscapes Color Expert

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