What Does Your Home Says About Your Personality?


If you're like most homeowners, you believe your home reflects your personality. Results of the 2011 DaVinci Roofscapes' Homeowners Exterior Preferences Study indicate more than seven in ten homeowners believe the outward appearance of their home reflects their personality.

“This part of the national study tells us that a majority of homeowners see a relationship between their personalities and their home exteriors,” says Ray Rosewall, CEO and president of DaVinci Roofscapes. “This helps us understand why roofing color options are important to homeowners. They see their home’s exterior — including the colors on the exterior — as a positive reflection of who they are.

This explains why we’ve seen soaring sales of personalized color configurations of our roofing products in the past several years and an overall increase in color blends by our customers. People are sharing their personality through their home’s exterior!”

Wondering what your home style says about your personality? Here are a few home styles and what they might say about you.

  • Contemporary: You have a need to contact with nature, right down to what your homes is made of. Recycled and nontoxic materials including countertops, flooring and roofing made of composite materials are hot, as are low-emission paints and carpeting.
  • Victorian: You love surrounding yourself with things that are beautiful even if they aren't practical. The details of the elaborate Gothic style, appeal to your dreamy side and sentimental nature.
  • Cape Cod: A cozy nest is just right for your warm and nurturing nature. You are often as relaxed as the seaside towns where this style was born making this unpretentious style perfect for you.
  • Colonial: Your large circle of family and friends are often invited to enjoy your home that blends your appreciation of tradition with your desire to be seen as a successful member of your community. The nuances of your personality are reflected in the particular style of colonial you are attracted to — Georgian Colonial, Spanish Colonial, German Colonial, French Colonial, Dutch Colonial, or Federal.

Not sure which architecture style best fits you and your personality? Take a fun little quiz at HGTV to help you decide.

I took the quiz and here are my results. Of the many homes I've owned none have been a Spanish Colonial but I think that what that architecture says about my personality is spot on.

You're a lively Spanish Colonial!
Like a Spanish Colonial home, you are warm with an eye toward the romance of living. While you are traditional and can be a little introverted, you are also enlivened with impulsive flairs of color that amuse and energize your friends and family. Spanish Colonial homes take a simple construction style and add artistic details like painted tiles, iron fixtures, and huge carved doors denoting, like you, a love of art and individuality. Your combination of down-to-earth fun and elegance puts everyone at ease.
Take a look at your home. What is it telling the world about you?

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