What’s Your Comfort Color?

Autumn Residential Exterior Color Scheme


The pandemic affected everyone and everything. Suddenly we were spending most of our time at home. Forced to live, work, and play all in the same place, many homeowners took a close look at their houses with fresh eyes. The result was a desire to improve the design and functionality of their home and one of the items at the top of the rethink-refresh-remodel priority list is comfort and exterior curb appeal.

Comfort Colors

A house has traditionally been a place for relaxation, entertainment, and time with family and friends. Today, it also accommodates work and education. Multi-functional spaces call for versatile colors, a trend forecast by all major paint manufacturers for 2021-2022. Meditative, cozy, calm, soothing, and warm are words used to describe these colors that easily harmonize with one another, creating spaces that flow one into the next.

Personally Yours

This trend continues outside, too, with homeowners using versatile colors that unify the home’s exterior to create curb appeal. Since August is National Curb Appeal Month, I am sharing some of the colors that are most popular right now. These colors create a backdrop for hand-picked elements or accents that reflect the owner’s style, which is more important today than it was in the past. There was a 14 percent increase in homeowners seeing their home exterior as a reflection of their personality (71 percent in 2011; 85 percent in 2021) according to a nationwide homeowner “2021 Roof Purchasing Study” conducted by Signet Research Inc. for DaVinci Roofscapes. This survey also showed a swing back towards beige, which had fallen in popularity with the rise of gray. Now beige is back, bringing with it that warm, familiar feeling.

Mossy Cedar

Muted, Earthy Shades

Post pandemic colors chosen as on-trend by BASF, a German multinational company that produces pigments, range from pastel grey-green and lamp beige to warm beige and rich gray. They noted that consumers desire warm, soothing, and emotional hues that create a positive mood.

Colorist for paint manufacturer Dulux says, “beige shades look neutral, stylish, and at the same time modern” and that “warm and balanced earthy hue creates a sense of stability and tranquility, providing a sense of a solid foundation for change and creativity.

These colors are natural partners for homes with brick and stone because they bring out the beauty of these elements.


DaVinci Multi-Width Slate European Blend with Benjamin Exterior Color Scheme

Ask Kate About Amping Up Your Curb Appeal

With many gorgeous muted, earthy shades to choose from, you might find it hard to choose just one DaVinci blend. I can help! You can ask me to answer your color questions and offer guidance for selecting a perfectly comfortable color for your home. Get in touch with me here.