White / Cream Brick Exterior Color Schemes

Though not usually pure white or cream, the clean look of light bricks is attractive on home styles from historical to modern. One advantage of white and cream bricks is their ability to harmonize with many colors. This makes it easy to find many white and cream brick exterior color schemes that will accentuate your home.

Five Inspiring White and Cream Brick Exterior Color Schemes

Cream Brick Exterior Color Schemes with Multi-Width Slate European

A home with interesting architecture can look best with a light color palette that shows off every detail plus a European slate roof. Repeat the dominant color from the roof on the front door for a classic look.

Cream Brick Exterior Color Schemes with Multi-Width Slate Weathered Green

An eye-catching roof color like Weathered Green is the star of the show when topping off a home with a neutral scheme. Accents in tones pulled from the slate play a supporting role.

Cream Brick Exterior Color Schemes with Select Shake Tahoe

Create a cohesive scheme by selecting a white for your siding and trim that is very similar to the cast of the brick. Play up the colors peeking out around each brick as accent colors.

Cream Brick Exterior Color Schemes with Single-Wdith Shake Weathered Gray

Create a sophisticated look for your home by combining brick that has a white cast with several tones of gray. Add a touch of your personality with a door color that welcomes guests into your home.

Cream Brick Exterior Color Schemes with Multi-Width Shake Mossy Cedar

Accent a quiet palette of ivory brick with cool gray siding and trim featuring two shades of warm blue. Pull the entire color palette together by topping the home with a Mossy Cedar roof.

By following the tips above you can find a color palette to complement your brick. Then for even more helpful information, download our complete guide to select pink brick exterior color schemes – FRESH Home Exterior Color Schemes for Brick and Stone.

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