Why Choose Polymer Instead of Asphalt or Natural Slate or Shake?

If you are in the process of deciding what roofing material to go with – then perhaps you are interested in knowing why one might choose synthetic slate roof tiles or cedar shake alternative tiles over asphalt, natural slate or a natural wood shake roof.

DaVinci Cedar Shake Alternative Here are some reasons to go with a DaVinci polymer tile over the other choices:

    • Environment – At DaVinci we are environmentally conscious. Our tiles are manufactured start to finish in our Kansas City plant to save on transportation and energy costs – then we use the energy we do use to help heat the plant in the cooler months. As well our tiles are offered in Cool Roof colors that are ENERGY STAR® qualified, help cut down on the heat island effect and also contribute to the LEED certification process. Not to mention our tiles are 100% recyclable!


    • Testing Certifications/Performance – DaVinci shingle systems have attained a Class 4 impact rating, a Class A fire rating and also have superior wind resistance.


    • Installation – DaVinci shingles come pre-sorted according to their color and width. In other words, they are job site ready. Natural slate tiles require sorting on the job site, which is more labor cost for you. Wood shake usually just comes in one variety, as does Asphalt.


    • Color – With DaVinci, you get the color you want with superior fade resistance. Wood shake, however, does tend to fade and change color with age. Check out the virtually limitless color options on our color studio!


    • Aesthetics – DaVinci shingles look just like their natural slate and shake counterparts. Asphalt can look good, but it doesn’t come close to the killer curb appeal DaVinci delivers.


Did you decide on DaVinci over asphalt? How about natural slate? Or natural shake? What were your reasons?