Wondering What Color Trends You’ll Be Seeing in 2016? Here’s A Sneak Peek!

Exterior Home Color Trends 2016As the year draws to a close there is always lots of interest in what is ahead in the new year. The conversation is no different when it comes to color. Everyone from major media outlets to my best friend’s teenage daughters are interested in what colors will be hot in 2016.

Color trends are the design industry equivalent of celebrity gossip. Most people don’t really need to know what colors are trending, especially when selecting colors for your home exterior, but it is fun to have a little insight into what you will be seeing next year. With that in mind this is the first of a few blog posts I’ll be writing to give you the inside skinny on trends.

Rich tones have been on-trend for the past view years and remain relevant for 2016 playing a significant role on the home exterior. The reason deep, mysterious hues are trending is that they are a convergence of a passion for the finer things in life, a respect for history, a curiosity about other cultures, interest in spirituality and a love of colors that are as complex as we are.

One of my favorite colors that falls in this category is Black Walnut. This color brings together smokey charcoal gray with sensuous dark brown. The result is a color that is smart, solid and stable yet sexy.

This is a perfect hue for topping off your home. The tones found in DaVinci Shake Mountain are similar to Black Walnut and have the same appeal.

Black Walnut and Mountain are dramatic when paired with warm neutrals like greige or taupe or more colorful but slightly toned down hues. The strong contrast makes a strong statement when they are paired with Simply White or Alabaster.

Our desire for complex colors and individual expression also has us embracing other multi-dimensional colors that make a statement.

2016 Color Trends Home Exterior
These colors would be too dark or too vibrant to be used as a main color on most home but they are perfect as accent colors.

Other colors that are on-trend that can be used as accent colors to enhance Black Walnut are Different Gold, Blackberry, Galagos, Patriot Blue or Courtyard Green. Other adventurous pairings would include turquoise, chartreuse, or yellow-orange.

That’s it for your first sneak peek into the 2016 color trends. Stay tuned for the next scoop on what colors you will be seeing in the new year.