Worried? Sleep Easier with a DaVinci Roof Overhead

What worries keep you up at night? Overdue bills? Teenagers missing curfews? Job challenges? Fear of unpredictable weather?

A DaVinci roof can help eliminate one of those concerns. Reduce your worries and get a good night sleep no matter what the weather conditions outside by investing in polymer roof tiles overhead.

Made to withstand impact, high winds and severe weather conditions, our synthetic roofing material resists hail, hurricane-force winds and flying debris.

Not sure if your home is ready for a new roof? Then have a professional roofer inspect the roof for worn out areas, loose shingles and hail damage. And remember, even if you’re not seeing tennis ball-sized pieces of hail fall from the sky, damage can occur when any size of hail hits your roof. That’s because hail can drop from as high as 30,000 feet and reach speeds of over 120 mph before hitting your roof.

Here are a few things you can be alert to related to your roof:

  • Watch for missing shingles that blow away during a storm. These shingles should be replaced immediately to help prevent a leak from coming through exposed underlayment.
  • If you see damage to other areas of your home (like your gutters or fence) then there’s a good chance you also have roof hail damage.
  • Check with your neighbors. If they’re reporting hail damage to their roofs, then it’s a good chance your roof was also severely impacted.
  • Make note of the date and time of any hail storms in your area. That information comes in handy when contacting your insurance company to file a claim.

Follow these tips and you can reduce your roof worries. We can’t do much about your teenagers meeting their curfews … but we can help make sure there’s a secure, environmentally friendly roof overhead when they come home at night.