Your Fortune: Is a New Designer Roof in Your Future?

Polymer RoofYou don't have to be a dummy to celebrate National Ventriloquism Week from July 15-18! Let us also remember that July is National Lettuce Month … along with being the national month of honor for hot dogs, ice cream and blueberries. There are also specialty days dedicated to chocolate, French fries and lasagna in July, so get ready for culinary treats!

As you settle into summertime festivities, don't forget to take time to gaze up at your roof. Actually, July 2nd, which is "I Forgot Day" would be a good time to remember that your roof needs a visual "check up" every so often.

At DaVinci Roofscapes, we like to have fun with the many specialty days available each month. So, we offer a bit tongue-in-cheek that since July 27th is "Walk on Stilts Day" we want to remind you not to try this as a way to inspect your roof! Instead, use a secure ladder or hire a professional roofer to evaluate your roof.

Finally, if you celebrate "Fortune Cookie Day" on July 20th and the tiny slip of paper reads "put a new roof over your head," then we welcome you to check out the many polymer roofing options available from DaVinci!