Wildland Urban Interface

Protection from the elements.

Beauty vs. The Beasts

DaVinci comes out on top.

Against air, water, and especially fire. 

Yes, DaVinci composite roofing and siding delivers the beauty of natural cedar shake and slate for years on end, without wear or maintenance issues. Even better, it’s also tough as nails — which is especially important in these days of increasingly intense weather and dangerous wildfires.

More of that incredible DaVinci roof over at Tahoe. Man, Montana is great.

Made to take the heat.

The perfect defense for the WUI. 

The Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) marks the transition between undeveloped wildland and human development. It’s a place where fire can easily jump from one side to the other. That’s why WUI Codes require that a structure’s exterior be ignition resistant, and resist the entry of flying embers and flying radiation. WUI standards also go beyond this, taking into account the entire roof or siding system — including the underlayment — as well as the building site itself, to ensure that there’s a safe zone around the structure.

Fortunately, all DaVinci composite roofing passes three critical tests to earn a Class A rating for fire resistance — the highest level. And they’re all certified to meet WUI requirements. 

Driven by these codes, Wes Coast states are seeing both tighter insurance requirements and restrictions on building materials — which is making wood look like a not-so-great option. As builders and homeowners seek out alternatives, DaVinci products, with their top ratings and lifetime limited warranties, are one of the most attractive ways to face down danger.


WUI Code Listed and Approved

Layered Tiles
Impact & Fire

DaVinci products are Class 4 Impact Rated and have earned Class A Fire Ratings.


In addition to meeting all WUI requirements, our products also have lifetime limited material warranties.


DaVinci’s state-of-the-art tiles are certified to withstand 110 mph winds.


DaVinci Multi-Width Shake

DaVinci Multi-Width Shake

DaVinci Single-Width Shake

DaVinci Single-Width Shake

Hand-Split Shake Siding

Hand-Split Shake Siding

Beauty and Performance to Stand the Test of Time

The look of real slate and cedar shake. Color stable, fire-resistant, worry free. 

DaVinci has been the leader in composite roofing for nearly two decades. Our roofing and siding solutions deliver everything people love about shake and slate, with performance features that natural materials can’t match. You won’t find a better-looking or better-performing roofing product anywhere.

For new construction or replacement, DaVinci eliminates ongoing maintenance and adds the peace of mind that comes from knowing a home can withstand everything from heat and fire to hail and gale-force winds.

Simply put, if you’re going for the look of cedar shake or slate, go with the proven products that get the job done beautifully, for years to come.


  • Slate and Shake Roofing – Less maintenance, proven performance, in a range of sizes, styles, and colors to match any home or project. What else would you expect from the market leader?


  • Hand-Split Shake Siding – Finished, individually-applied tiles are the perfect choice for a great natural-cedar look that lasts in any climate — just as our roofing materials have been for years.


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