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About Davinci

Why is DaVinci the most desirable simulated slate and shake roofing material on the market?

Actually, there are three differentiators - thickness, multiple widths and factory collated color blends - that give DaVinci Slate and Shake the authentic look discerning buyers want.

  • Thickness: With a 1/2-inch profile, it is twice as thick as any other synthetic tile showing more surface detail on the leading edges from almost any viewing angle.
  • Multiple Widths: DaVinci Slate and Shake each come in a standard mix of five tile widths pre-sorted from the factory, creating a distinctive and varied pattern when installed. Fancy Shake is available in three tile widths pre-sorted from the factory.
  • Single Widths: DaVinci Slate and Shake are available in single-width only bundles as well as multi-width. Bellaforté Slate and Shake, another single-width option, is engineered with a patented leading edge tab and a self-aligning ledge for quick placement and installation.
  • Natural Colors: Unlike other synthetic roofing materials, only DaVinci Slate and Shake tiles can be customized to work seamlessly with your design. Our standard colors are available in 50 slate and shake colors, which can be mixed for a custom look. We offer a variety of blends, or you can use our virtually limitless color palette to create a unique color for your project.
Where is the product made?

Corporate headquarters and production facility are located in Lenexa, Kansas.

What is the material?

We use an engineered polymer, which is impregnated with fire retardant and the most advanced UV and thermal stabilizers available, specifically formulated for the tough conditions tiles are exposed to in all climates throughout the year. DaVinci roof tiles use only virgin resin in order to assure consistency.

Is DaVinci synthetic Slate or Shake made from recycled materials?

We use virgin resin in our roof tiles. While other synthetic tiles may be manufactured from recycled materials such as tires or milk bottles, it is our opinion that the variability found in recycled materials could compromise the long term viability of a roof. Roofing tiles are exposed to extremely harsh conditions (extreme weather, extreme UV, extreme temperature). The only way to assure that a synthetic slate or shake will provide good service for 50 years or more is to consistently produce those tiles to very exacting standards. We do not feel it is possible to meet our high standards for quality and durability using recycled materials.

Every DaVinci roofing tile manufactured is 100% recyclable. Scraps and cuttings from a project, along with unused and used tiles, may be returned to DaVinci in Lenexa, Kansas. Here they will be re-purposed and recycled as starter tiles.

DaVinci also offers a job site waste recycling program. For all projects within 500 miles of Kansas City roofing tiles and waste may be shipped back to DaVinci free of charge. For job site locations outside this area, roofing contractors may ship unused tiles back to DaVinci at their own expense for recycling.

What is the warranty for DaVinci Slate, Shake, and Bellaforté?

DaVinci Slate, Shake and Bellaforté have a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty, which includes an industry leading 10-year non pro-rated warranty against manufacturing defects. Download the full warranty »

How does DaVinci Slate compare to other alternatives cost-wise?

DaVinci Slate costs significantly less than installed natural quarried slate of a similar thickness. It is difficult to compare DaVinci Slate with other synthetic slate shingles on an apples-to-apples basis, because DaVinci Slate offers so many extra features:

  • Thicker (1/2") profiles
  • Largest variety of shingle widths (five)
  • Arrives at the jobsite in pre-collated bundles
  • Lifetime Limited Material Warranty with 10 year non prorated material and labor guarantee
  • Optional Renaissance finish with Kynar for additional UV protection.

Even with these superior features, DaVinci Slate costs generally the same as the less desirable, old-fashioned "fake slate" shingles. Simply put, DaVinci Slate provides superior value and aesthetic appeal at a comparable installed cost to competitive synthetic slate roof tiles. In all cases, of course, the total installed cost (labor and materials combined) is determined by the contractor based on the specific details of each project.


Does the color extend below the surface of the shingle?

Yes. DaVinci Slate and Shake shingles are "color-through."

Can I change the colors in a blend?

Yes. However, most people find they are quite satisfied with one of our standard blends. Use our color blend tool to create your custom blend »

Are there different prices for each color blend?

No. Our pricing does not vary based on color, which simplifies the ordering process and allows you to pick the best looking color blend for your home without worrying about hidden costs. This is a distinct advantage over most of the competitors. If you wish to change the colors in a blend use our color blend tool to create your custom blend »

Will there be any color variation in DaVinci single-color blends such as Slate Gray or Slate Black?

Yes, there will be a slight variation in shade from tile to tile. DaVinci Slate tiles are designed to have multiple profiles to replicate the appearance of real slate. When the DaVinci Slate tiles are installed these variations help to create a more natural appearance.

Why would the price per square vary if there isn't a price difference for each color?

The price per square of DaVinci Slate is based on the amount of material needed to cover one square of roof area. With lower pitches, shingles must be laid at tighter exposures, which require more material. Using more material results in a higher price per square.


Does the shingle become more brittle over time?

No. Testing requirements for both Miami-Dade and ICC-ES dictate that tiles must be subjected to significant accelerated weathering cycles and then be re-tested in order to achieve certification. This is intended to prove that the tiles will not suffer from material degradation of key performance properties after years on the roof.

Will the shingles curl over time?

We use a specially engineered rib structure on the back of DaVinci Slate to virtually eliminate any curling over the life of the tile - even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. As noted in the installation instructions, the underlayment and decking need to be flat when the tiles are installed.

Can DaVinci Slate or Shake withstand severe UV exposure?

DaVinci Roofscapes utilizes the most advanced UV stabilization package available in our manufacturing process to assure that our products weather better than most other natural or synthetic roofing products. All outdoor building products fade to a varying degree. High altitude and severe southern climates suffer more than more mild climates. Our products are designed to perform in the most challenging climatic conditions and we offer what we believe to be the best warranty in our category.

Can DaVinci Slate or Shake withstand the severe UV exposure at high altitudes?

Most definitely. The best evidence of this is the hundreds of DaVinci roofs that are installed on homes and businesses that are above 6500 feet and have been performing well for years. DaVinci Slate and Shake are a great fit for the architecture and severe weather conditions in mountain communities.

How will the material perform in low temperature?

Very well. Our tiles remain pliable in temperatures well below zero and have been tested to have the highest available impact rating so they should not normally shatter.

Can the shingles withstand severe freeze/thaw issues?

Yes. Freeze/thaw issues are generally associated with a material that absorbs water, then undergoes freeze thaw cycles which can result in cracking, crazing, palling and delaminating. Testing has shown DaVinci roof tiles do not absorb water and, therefore, have no freeze/thaw issues.

How long will DaVinci shingles resist color fade?

Our proprietary engineered polymer incorporates state of the art color and UV stabilizers in order to provide the best possible color performance. In fact testing in the lab and in the real world on actual roofs has shown our color stability to be at least as good as any product in the category. Although all outdoor products fade to a varying degree DaVinci Slate and Shake has proven itself in internal accelerated weathering, third party testing, and outside exposure.

Additionally we are the only manufacturer to offer an optional Renaissance finish which uses a patented Kynar based coating system to provide an additional layer of UV protection.


With multiple colors and widths, isn't there a lot of hand-sorting at the jobsite?

Not at all. Each bundle of DaVinci Slate and Shake arrives at the jobsite factory-collated for both roof tile color and roof tile width variations. Simply cut the straps on a bundle and begin installing.

I'm concerned that the honeycomb core will show when I cut it. Will it?

First of all, we have tried to minimize the need to cut DaVinci Slate and Shake with our multi-width tiles by providing five shingle widths in each bundle. This way, a contractor can easily arrange the shingles to insure that a whole shingle falls on the gable end, thus eliminating any need to make a cut. In the rare case where a shingle does need to be cut at the gable end, cuts are made on the inside edge of the shingle. This way, only the finished factory edge is visible from the ground.

Solid accessory tiles are also available for our single-width and our multi-width products if the installer prefers. On Bellaforté tile rake tiles are used at the gable ends to insure the honeycomb is not visible.

How is it installed?

DaVinci Slate and Shake can be installed following standard industry practices. If the contractor follows our installation instructions there is no additional training or special handling required. Plus, because it is lightweight, DaVinci Slate eliminates the time and expense of reinforcing the roof structure that is otherwise required when using quarried slate, concrete or clay tiles.

Bellaforté has a simple but unique installation process. Written and video installation instructions are available.

Can it be put over an existing roof?

As with most roofing products, the best installation comes from tearing off the existing roof. This is what we recommend for DaVinci products and how all certifications are achieved. DaVinci Slate, Shake and Bellaforté have been successfully installed over three-tab asphalt shingles in the past and have performed well. DaVinci tiles need to be laid on a flat surface to insure completed roof is flat. DaVinci tiles will not hide and in fact may accentuate imperfections in the roof deck. Additionally overlays may not meet local building codes. All DaVinci installations should meet local building codes and standards.

Can DaVinci tell me how many roofing squares are on my house?

No. Your roofing contractor is the best source for finding out how much roofing material you need for your house. We are happy to answer the questions your contractor may have to assist them.

Are snow guards required on DaVinci roofs?

Like real slate, snow doesn't want to stay on DaVinci roofs for long. In fact, snow tends to slide off DaVinci roofs all at once. Some homeowners love this feature because it doesn't allow snow to continually build on their roof. However, in places where people, pets, or landscaping may get in the path of snow sliding from a roof snow guards should definitely be used. If there is a considerable amount of snow it could be quite dangerous. Snow guards are snow retention devices. When installed properly they keep the snow on the roof until it melts.

Can electro-galvanized nails be used to install DaVinci tiles?

DaVinci recommends the use of copper, stainless steel, or hot-dipped galvanized nails. We realize however that in many climatic regions nail corrosion is not a factor in the long-term performance of the roof system. Therefore DaVinci Roofscapes supports the use of electro-galvanized nails and a system using those nails will be in compliance with the Lifetime Limited Material Warranty. The exception to that is that if the nails fail, any portion of the warranty associated with wind performance would be void.

Testing and Certifications

Do DaVinci products contribute to the LEED® certification process or have an ENERGY STAR® rating?

DaVinci Roofscapes synthetic roof tiles can contribute to the LEED® Certification Process under standards: Heat Island Effect, Water Efficiency, Construction Waste Management, Resources Re-Use, and Regional Materials. More about LEED® Contribution »

DaVinci has developed EcoBlend® cool gray roof tiles to meet the standards of the Cool Roof Rating Council® and ENERGY STAR®. DaVinci cool roof tiles reflect sunlight and heat away from your home. Higher emissivity and reflectivity rates lead to greater reductions in the cooling load and, in return, increase energy efficiency. Less air pollution contributes to the reduction of heat islands around cities and populous areas.

Have you tested your shingles to see how they perform in real-life conditions?

There are no tests that accurately project how an outdoor product will perform except actual exposure. DaVinci has roof tiles that have endured "actual" real world conditions for more than 10 years and are performing very well. In addition to real world testing we have "lab tested" extensively and have successfully completed all tests required by the International Codes Council (ICC), ACO7 (Acceptance Criteria For Special Roofing Systems), Miami-Dade NOA, Texas Department of Insurance, etc.

DaVinci Slate and Shake are both certified for Class A fire resistance, Class 4 impact resistance and 110 mph wind resistance by licensed independent laboratories. Plus, since the material is non-porous, it offers unparalleled resistance to freezing/thawing cycles and algae, fungus and insects. See a full listing of the certifications and testing for our products »

What is the insulating value of your shingles?

Because of the engineered rib structure that all DaVinci tiles have they possess one of highest R-factors available in steep slope roofing products. Installed per DaVinci installation guidelines, DaVinci tiles have achieved an R-factor of 2.12.

Even though the DaVinci R-factor is greater than most other steep slope roof coverings the insulation value is relatively incidental and shouldn't be relied on to be a primary source of insulation.

Do you have any certifications?

We currently have ICC-ES, Warnok Hersey Certification (WHI), as well as, Miami Dade and TDI acceptance. See a full listing of the certifications and testing for our products »


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