$1.4 Million Home Sports Composite Roofing … and a Great Story

Visit 8267 Presidential Drive in Jacksonville, Florida, and you’ll get more than just a look at a great composite shake roof on a beautiful home. You’ll get a history lesson at the same time.

Long before homeowner Kathleen Larriviere purchased the house and started an eight-month renovation project (that includes a new DaVinci Shake roof), her home was taken over by the U.S. Secret Service!

DaVinci shake roof composite roofing

Back on November 2, 1975 President Gerald Ford traveled to Jacksonville for a meeting with Egypt’s President Anwar Sadat and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. The gathering took place at one of the five houses on her street (then named Sixth Fairway Lane), so the Secret Service took over all five homes as part of their protection team endeavor.

“This was a big deal back then,” says Larriviere. “It’s why the street was renamed to Presidential Drive!”

History for Sale

DaVinci shake roof composite roofingWith that event as part of her home’s history, Larriviere, who is the president and owner of Cielo Residential Design & Construction, was enticed to purchase the property in 2017. She decided to renovate and sell the home after enhancing both the interior and exterior.

“The old cedar roof shingles were in very poor shape after just 10 years,” says Larriviere. “I bought the home with the intention of renovating it, and the roof was a ‘must do’ item because it was so unsightly and in such bad shape.”

After reviewing her options of composite roofing products and ordering samples, Larriviere decided on synthetic shake shingles from DaVinci in the Tahoe color blend.

“DaVinci, in my opinion, is the best composite roofing tile available,” says Larriviere. “From the samples I saw, these looked to be the most authentic take on wood shake. It’s a beautiful roof and I’m especially pleased that it meets the impact and wind resistance codes in our state.”

Distinctive Design, Uncommon Construction

This was the first installation of a DaVinci Roofscapes product for Cielo, but according to Larriviere, it won’t be the last.

“I am so pleased with the product and how it looks that I’ll encourage clients to consider this roof,” says Larriviere. “As both a licensed builder and designer, I’m involved in all aspects of the design/build projects from start to finish. When I find a product like this, it’s exciting to share it with my clients.”

DaVinci shake roof composite roofing DaVinci shake roof composite roofing

Cielo prides itself on helping clients with every decision from layout to material choices. They provide detailed services to help eliminate delays and assure smooth sailing for a new home construction or renovation.

“This house project was very large and high-profile,” says Larriviere. “We’re looking at a 7,500 square foot home that can best be described on the exterior as a combination of contemporary cottage, Craftsman ranch and farmhouse. The fact that the DaVinci product complements this unusual style, plus the imported Texas field stones on the exterior, really says a lot about the quality of the product.”