7-Level Cliffside Home Gets DaVinci Roof

William Head Rd – Bellaforte Shake (2)If you don’t like stairs, stay away from Diane Strachan’s home.

Built on two rock ledges on a cliff overlooking the ocean, Strachan negotiates seven levels in her home every day. Quite a work out. The upper rock ledge (the top of the house) has a main bedroom, bath, office and two decks on the first floor. A family room with deck is on the second floor, followed by a bedroom, kitchen, dining room, sunroom and main bath on the third floor. Then, climb down to the fourth floor and you have a living room, alcove and garage.

Continue stretching your legs and go down to the lower rock ledge. On level five there’s a bedroom suite and enclosed deck. Level six boasts a utility room, while the seventh level has a large plant room and access to a garden on the next lower level.

The unusual house was constructed 53 years ago in an old-style West Coast contemporary design. After five decades of exposure to salt air and Canadian weather conditions, the old cedar shake roofs were leaking, rotting and wind-damaged. The moss-covered shakes were well past their prime.

“I was looking for a long-lasting, affordable roof for the original 1964 A frame structure plus for the new addition that incorporates solar panels into the design,” says homeowner Diane Strachan. “The DaVinci products had convincing features such as the lifetime warranty, high wind resistance and a real cedar shake look.”

Strachan hired CR Custom Roofing, Inc. to install Bellaforté Shake composite roofing tiles in a Tahoe VariBlend to the multiple roofs on her unique home. “The performance since installation of the DaVinci roof in 2015 is extremely good,” says Strachan. “My new roof looks like real shakes, sheds rain well and ice slides off easily. That’s a pleasing combination for this geographic location.”

According to Strachan, installation of her roof was completed quickly and safely, including the installation of her new solar panels.

“I’m pleased to recommend my roofer and to tell anyone how long lasting, low maintenance and wind resistant these DaVinci tiles are on my home,” says Strachan. “It gives me great peace-of-mind to know my home is protected from Mother Nature with a roofing product that looks like it actually came from nature.”