A Castle in Kansas

From any angle, the Whitaker home looks like a castle. A turret and multiple brick chimneys highlight a steep-pitched roof line. There’s even an attached carriage house. When it came time to reroof this personal castle, Mark and Heather Whitaker chose Eaton Roofing and DaVinci Roofscapes.

Now, a DaVinci Multi-Width Slate roof in Slate Black tops the beautiful Kansas home. Accented by the stone exterior, the composite slate roof is a crowning gem on the Wichita castle.


Working with Eaton Roofing

According to homeowner Heather Whitaker, one of the best aspects of the project was working with the professional team at Eaton Roofing & Exteriors.

“Eaton Roofing respected our property more than I expected,” says Whitaker. “Our landscaping was not torn up or ruined. They were always picking up trash, nails, supplies at the end of each work day. All the workers were so polite and nice to be around.

“They were very efficient in getting the job done, working late some evenings. Similarly, sometimes on Saturdays to make up for rain days. I would definitely refer Eaton Roofing to anyone needing a new roof!”

Topping a Castle

To make the “magic happen” up on the roof, Bill McCormack and Jack Burks, along with the Eaton Roofing team, focused all their skills on the steep roof.

“There are many twists, turns and angles on this house,” says McCormack. “We’re very comfortable with DaVinci installations. However, this house tested our talents a bit. We’re extremely proud of how the project turned out.”

The Whitaker home now looks like a stately castle. In addition, it has the strength of a castle.

The composite slate product resists hail, impact and high winds, which can be common in Kansas. The DaVinci roofing also resists fading from the sun, along with insects, fire and mold. Backed by a Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty, the synthetic slate will retain its beauty for decades.

“This is truly one of the most beautiful roofing jobs we’ve ever done,” says Burks. “The Black Slate tile on the roof perfectly accents this home. And, best of all, the homeowners will have no roof maintenance worries in the future!”