Advice from Dr. Laura: Get a DaVinci Roof!

To prepare her home for sale, Dr. Laura Schlessinger — yes, the famous radio talk show host — decided to invest in a new roof. Not just any roof, but a composite slate roof that could handle the oceanfront weather conditions of her Santa Barbara estate.

“I was presented with a few roofing possibilities,” says Schlessinger. “Frankly, the DaVinci Roofscapes roof was the best looking. I just knew it would make the entire home look special.”

For Sale

Over the years, Dr. Schlessinger enjoyed living at her oceanfront home. Panoramic views, tennis courts, a pool, and spacious interiors all made for a great lifestyle. Then she decided to downsize. That’s when she turned a sharp eye to the home’s structure.

“I had fiber cement roofing tiles falling down daily for years!” says Schlessinger. “It took the potential of selling to spur me to action.”

Expert Roofing Help

To help Schlessinger make the all-important roof decision, she called on the experts at Action Roofing. Led by Jack Martin, the team has installed roofing in the Santa Barbara area for 36 years. Above all, they install up to 20 DaVinci roofs each year.

“As soon as I saw her home, I thought of the DaVinci product,” says Martin, president and CEO of Action Roofing. “I showed her all the options. She decided immediately on the DaVinci Multi-Width Slate in the Castle Gray color.

“This was a difficult re-roofing project. Both the landscape and hardscape are beautiful. They needed protection. There’s more than 10,000 square feet of roof on this home. And, it’s at a 10/12 pitch. Overall it took more than two months to carefully complete.”

According to Martin, the completed project is one of the nicest his company has ever installed.

“I give credit to my team,” says Martin. “They did a fantastic job. The DaVinci product is durable and beautiful. It will hold up for the life of this home.”

Dr. Laura

Successful Roofing Project

With the Action Roofing crew on site for 60+ days, Schlessinger gained a strong impression of the team.

“Action Roofing lived up to its reputation,” says Schlessinger. “They worked hard. In addition, they were organized all day, every day. They did a full clean up at the end of each day. No wasted time, and the crew was very professional.

“Truthfully, I’d recommend no roofing company other than Action Roofing. In addition, I’d recommend no roofing tile other than DaVinci. This composite slate makes the house look brand new. The texture, color and neatness of the DaVinci product make the overall house look just great.”