Aged Cedar Composite Shake Roofing Tops Architect’s Office

composite shake roofing davinci multi-width shake nature crafted collection domus architectsIf you’re an architect looking for new roofing for your office, where do you go? The answer was easy for the team at Domus Architects: DaVinci Roofscapes.

The unique structure Domus Architects occupies is actually an 80-year-old building. Originally constructed around 1935 as a country retreat, the English manor style building is now home to a variety of commercial enterprises, including the architect’s office space, a daycare for 50 children and a massage therapist.

“We’ve owned the building for the past two decades and knew the traditional cedar shakes on the roof were quite old,” says Domenic Meffe, founder of Domus Architects in Toronto, Ontario. “These shingles definitely needed to be replaced, it was just a matter of what type of roofing products would both complement the building and give us a long lifespan.”

Selecting Composite Shake

Meffe’s search soon brought him to the composite shake roofing shingles from DaVinci.

composite shake roofing davinci multi-width shake nature crafted collection domus architects

I like the claim that the roof tiles are fade resistant,” says Meffe. “The information that the composite shake has a longer life than real wood cedar shakes and will also resist mold is very impressive. We need to keep this building functional for many years to come and we’re hoping this composite shake roof will help us achieve that goal.”

Meffe points out that the selection of composite shake roofing replicates his firm’s commitment to investigating and specifying high quality products for a specific project.

“As architects, we have a lifelong commitment to meaningful design and cultural expression through architecture,” says Meffe. “Our office space reflects a beautiful part of architectural history in this area. It’s important that we select the roofing product we feel will best complement this structure for many years to come.”

Fresh Cedar Color

For the top of the structure’s roof, the architectural team chose DaVinci Multi-Width Shake in an Aged Cedar color. Part of the Nature Crafted Collection, the Aged Cedar profile has been described as reflecting a burnt reddish cedar tone. This color is generally found when there’s a transition from a new cedar shake roof into the weathered deeper tone.

composite shake roofing davinci multi-width shake nature crafted collection domus architects

“For me, this color looked like a fresh new cedar roof color before it turns gray,” says Meffe. “I like that look and it keeps our building looking old, but fresh.”

The Nature Crafted Collection captures the look of a moment and retains it for decades.

DaVinci uses a proprietary process to recreate the natural warmth and softness of a patina previously only created by time and exposure to the elements.

As with all DaVinci products, the DaVinci Multi-Width Shake products selected for this structure have a lifetime limited warranty and will not split, crack, curl or fade. Each tile has been crafted to resist fire and impact, along with high winds, mold, algae, fungus and insects. The composite tiles come in both wavy and straight grains throughout each shake tile to achieve an authentic wood look.