“Anywhere U.S.A. Home” Boasts Composite Shake Roofing

The Cape Cod style home sits quietly on a residential street. The house exterior has been featured for decades in TV commercials and ads. Why? Because it’s the “Anywhere U.S.A. Home.”

“We moved into our house in 1985,” says Renee. “By then the home was 50 years old. The previous owners told us it was used multiple times for commercials. We were surprised to discover that our house is so ‘generic’ that it’s sought-after repeatedly for many different advertising opportunities!”

Tired of Shake Shingle Hassles

Tired of Shake Shingle Hassles

To keep her Florida home looking good, Renee decided recently to re-do her roof.

“We live 2 miles from the ocean,” says Renee. “It’s humid here. The wood shake shingles we replaced were only 11 years old. They just didn’t last. The roof started to leak and needed ongoing repairs. As the shingles grew thinner and caused more headaches, we decided to replace them.”

That’s when Renee remembered seeing DaVinci Roofscapes composite shake shingles on homes in Banner Elk, North Carolina.

“We really want an authentic-looking roof that will last,” says Renee. “We’re tired of the real shake shingle hassles. We were searching for a durable synthetic shake that looked good. We found it in DaVinci’s Select Shake roofing tiles.”

Perfect Roof for Perfect HomeTired of Shake Shingle Hassles

To tackle the installation, Renee began her search for a roofing company. She relied on the recommendation of friends, and hired Kairos Roofing.

“The DaVinci sales rep and the Kairos Roofing team were excellent to work with,” says Renee. “Both were very responsive. They provided a variety of samples so we could make our product and color selection.”

Renee chose her Select Shake roofing in a Mountain blend color of three brown tones to accent her home. When it came time for installation, the Kairos Roofing team brought their expertise to the project.

“We install several DaVinci roofs each year,” says Zachary Wallick, president of Kairos Roofing. “It’s a product that has a realistic, traditional look. In addition, it’s able to easily handle the weather demands of our area.

“For Renee’s house, the old cedar shake roofing was definitely reaching the end of its lifespan. This was a smart move for her to invest in the DaVinci product.”

Camera-Ready Roof

Now completely installed, the roofing result is picture perfect.

“Quite simply, if you want an authentic-looking shake shingle that will last longer than wood shingles, I believe you should choose a DaVinci product,” says Renee. “This is an impressive composite shake. It really looks like the real thing. Best of all, we’ll never have to deal with rotting, cracking or thinning shingles again.

“Our ‘Anywhere U.S.A. Home’ is now ready for more commercials thanks to DaVinci Roofscapes!”