Aspen Chapel Boasts Composite Roofing

The rustic-looking Aspen Chapel stands at the entrance to Aspen, Colorado. It blends in perfectly with the surrounding mountain setting. Looking at the timber, stone and glass structure, one would think real cedar shakes adorn the roof and steeple. But, they’d be wrong. Instead, it’s Select Shake Aged Cedar composite roofing tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes.

Internationally known for its retreats, worship services, music programs and communal activities, the ecumenical center is now 50 years old. For the past five decades real cedar shakes had indeed been on the steeple. The main part of the structure had old cedar shakes for 23 years. They were all in very bad condition.

“The climate in Colorado is harsh,” says Heinz Coordes, the volunteer building committee head for the Aspen Chapel. “This building and its steeple were in dire need of new roofing. For the past three years I’ve searched for the right roof. And, I found it while on vacation.”

Aspen Chapel

Touring the Plant 

While visiting family in Kansas, Coordes toured the DaVinci Roofscapes manufacturing facility in Lenexa. He was impressed by the operation, the team and the composite roofing products.

“I walked away from that plant knowing I’d found the roof for the Aspen Chapel,” says Coordes.

Once back in Colorado, Coordes had a bundle of Select Shake sent to him. The Aged Cedar colored samples were installed and analyzed.

“The team at DaVinci was very supportive,” says Coordes. “They helped with everything from color advice to on-time product shipments. I can’t say enough good things about them.”

The Right RooferAspen Chapel

There was still one other “piece of the pie” that had to fall into place before the roofing project could begin.

“I really wanted Horn Brothers to install this roof,” says Coordes. “They have an exceptional reputation. I’ve seen roofing installation work they’ve done on other churches with high steeples. Plus, they’ve previously done great roofing work in this valley. Therefore, I knew they were the best team to install the composite shakes on the Aspen Chapel. Their local representative, Larry Lederer, offered unparalleled support throughout the process.”

Headquartered in Denver, Horn Brothers operates multiple crews throughout Colorado from spring to fall each year. The company has been in business for more than 25 years. Horn Brothers services all areas of Colorado for both residential and commercial roofing projects.

Keeping a Promise

With a window in their schedule, the Horn Brothers installation team travelled to Aspen. Right about the same time, heavy smoke from wildfires began shutting down the main interstate highway. The company had their crew in Aspen, but could not get their crane there from Denver. Strong headwinds and COVID-19 restrictions made the installation difficult.

“Manuel Rocha, president of Horn Brothers, told me not to worry,” says Coordes. “He promised to get the project done. After that, he personally put up about 75% of the composite shakes on the steeple.

“This team was incredible. They got the job done under some difficult circumstances. In addition, they completed the project without ever interrupting planned events at the Aspen Chapel.”

Stunning End ResultsAspen Chapel

According to Coordes, the new composite shake roof fits in perfectly with the stone structure natural landscape. It also provides fire protection, which will reduce insurance costs.

“A roof should not detract from the building itself,” says Coordes. “These Select Shake tiles are stunning. Knowing they will help protect the Aspen Chapel from severe weather conditions and fire in the future is comforting.

“The timing came together perfectly. We were able to get the best roofing product imaginable. In addition, we got the best roofing team to install it during a time when the pandemic forced the closing of the chapel to most in-person events.”