Authentic Look of Composite Slate Draws Roofer to DaVinci

Pete Korellis knows roofs. It’s his business. Actually, Korellis is the largest roofing contractor in northwest Indiana. So, when it came time to select a roof for his own home, what did he choose? None other than the authentic look of composite slate from DaVinci.

“Our home is 25 years old,” says Korellis. “Until 2021 it had cedar shakes overhead. The current owner, who was selling the home, had just replaced the roof six months earlier. He chose a standard architectural shingle. Big mistake.

“The roof was only six months old. However, my wife, Susan, and I knew we had to make a change. The newly installed shingles didn’t architecturally complement the ‘Old World style’ of our house.”

Composite Single Width Slate - Slate Black

Back to the Drawing Board

Because the Korellis home’s roof has a 12/12 pitch, it has a great deal of curb appeal. Actually, it’s the most notable feature of the home exterior.

Rather than live with a roof they disliked, Korellis and his wife tried again. Having used DaVinci roofing on company projects in the past, he took a serious look at the composite roofing as a solution.

“Our home has multi-colored brick with limestone,” says Korellis. “We wanted a stately standard-width roof tile. The DaVinci Single-Width Slate in the Slate Black color is perfect. This roof adds to the architectural beauty of the home without making it look too busy.”

The striking black color on the roof will retain its color for many years. Each DaVinci tile is made with virgin resins. DaVinci adds a UV stabilizer package that includes the latest in technology of UV absorbers, hindered amine light stabilizers, and thermal stabilizers. In other words, with color throughout each piece, the tiles resist fading due to harsh sun rays.

Composite Slate Equals Beauty Plus Savings

For the Korellis family, the authentic look of composite slate from DaVinci product was all about aesthetics. The pieces are modeled from actual slate for natural, non-repeating beauty, which pleased the homeowners.

However, the aesthetic beauty of their home wasn’t the only pleasant surprise coming their way. Because the composite roof has a Class A Fire Rating and a Class 4 Impact Rating, the Korellis family now receives a discount on their homeowners insurance.

Living in Indiana, where severe weather can pop up, they now have the peace-of-mind of knowing that their roof can resist winds up to 110 mph. In addition, the snow guards that were added by Nick Sallay and the Korellis installation crew will help reduce “avalanching” during snowy weather.

“Our hearts led us to the great look of DaVinci,” says Korellis. “However, our common sense aspects are also really glad we went with this product. We know this roof will last for decades. And this time, we intend to keep this roof up there for decades!”