Award-Winning Restoration Project Features Composite Shake Roof

modern farmhouse composite shake roof

Gaze at the pictures of the “All New 1812 Modern Farmhouse” in South Salem, N.Y. You’ll immediately understand why the project won the prestigious 2019 Chrysalis Award in the Residential Historic Renovation category.

The exterior of the home draws you in. The rugged, yet warm, look of the house is inviting. Plus, it sits across from a picturesque horse farm. The house looks like it has always belonged there. And it has.

Renovation Commitment

Originally built in 1812, the modest 1,752-square-foot timber-framed farmhouse is a living testimony to the past. The recent renovation showcases both vintage framing methods and state-of-the-art mechanical systems. With a tip of the hat to its origins, existing wood from the demolition was reclaimed. Then it was re-purposed inside the house.

However, it’s the exterior draws your attention first. Now boasting a backyard with a fire pit and expansive seating area, the house design itself encourages outdoor living.

Not just any product can sit atop this beautiful award-winning home. Renovation specialist Sylvain Cote selected DaVinci Shake in a Weathered Gray color. The deep shadow lines and realistic color variations are the perfect fit for the farmhouse exterior.

composite shake roof

“I’ve worked with DaVinci products in the past with great success,” says Sylvain Cote, architectural designer and builder with Westchester Real Homes LLC. “This was another terrific project where we were able to marry architectural design with building science for solid results.”

According to Cote, one of the first questions people often ask when seeing the home is about the roofing. “The DaVinci composite roofing has the authentic look we want for the farmhouse,” says Cote. “The composite shakes visually complement the exterior home re-design.

“At the same time, the cedar shake replicas are sturdy enough to help protect the home from severe weather, fire, impact, and even algae, mold and insects. DaVinci Shakes are absolutely perfect for this project.

“This was my first time using the DaVinci cedar shakes. However, it won’t be the last time.”

Roof Gains Local Approval

The beautiful farmhouse restoration has already been featured in Westchester Magazine, and other media outlets. The buzz about the project is heightened now that the home is for sale.

modern farmhouse

“With three acres of scenic land plus the fully-renovated house, we expect this home to sell quickly,” says Cote. “This was a project of love. We created an open floor plan featuring deconstructed kitchen, dining and living areas. There are so many features of this home that I’m confident the new owners will marvel at the redesign.

“But again, it all starts with the roof overhead. We made a solid decision to protect this home using DaVinci composite roofing.

“The local ‘Architecture and Community Appearance Review Council’ in the town of Lewisboro had to approve this advanced roofing product. After reviewing the recommendations of products and plans, the council called the exterior renovations to the 1812 farmhouse ‘a welcome upgrade and an asset to the neighborhood.’ I couldn’t agree more!”