Beef Up Curb Appeal with Synthetic Slate Composite Roofing

Our blogs often talk about replacing a roof when the current roof is in bad shape. Or after a hail storm. Or even after a hurricane. But for many people, that’s not the case. They simply wish to have a roof that looks better on their home. “Our asphalt shingles were in decent shape,” says Steve, a homeowner in Indiana. “However, they did nothing to enhance the look of our house. I decided to invest in a new synthetic slate roof now, so I could really enjoy it.”

More Cost Effective Than Natural Slate

For Steve, it was the authentic appearance that convinced him to purchase composite roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“I wanted the look of slate, but without the high cost,” says Steve. “After doing my research, I found that the composite slate from DaVinci was 3 times less expensive than natural slate. That’s a substantial savings.”

A closer view of what DaVinci can do for your palatial mansion.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

For his lakeside home, Steve selected a DaVinci Multi-Width Slate roof. He chose the Slate Gray color to complement his stately brick house.  He enlisted the help of Owen Enterprises to install his new composite roof.

“We had fantastic service from Scott Owen and the Owen Enterprises team,” says Steve. “They were diligent and committed to getting our job done right. They kept the job site clean, were always on time and made this a pain-free project.”

Originally built in 1991, Steve’s house now has a new look to it. “The DaVinci product adds so much curb appeal and value to our house,” says Steve. “We’re extremely pleased with the aesthetics.”

A roof, or a work of art? You can be the judge.

Take the Next Step

The moral of the story? Don’t wait for bad roofing shingles or bad weather conditions to make a decision for you. Invest in a new composite roof now for years of maintenance-free beauty for your home.

To see how a new DaVinci roof would look on YOUR home, visit our website online. Try our free Color Visualizer tool. We’re certain you’ll be convinced that now is the time to get a new composite roof!