Big Win for Atlantic City Homeowner

A home belonging to Adam Lavinsky, Linda Lavinsky and Adria and Mark Fishkin sits about 100 feet from the beach. While they’ve got high rise condos behind them, it’s the ocean view in front of them that they focus on. One of the few remaining older homes in Atlantic City, N.J., the 1906 structure just got a new composite slate roof.

Atlantic City HomeReplacing Natural Slate

As many know, real slate tiles have a long lifespan. The Lavinskys and Fishkins found that out first hand. The slate tiles on their seaside home are original. That makes them more than 100 years old.

However, even natural slate can’t last forever.

“The tiles were in decent shape, but had been patched over the years,” says Adam Lavinsky. “Above all, the nails were failing. That means many tiles were falling off, and that’s a dangerous situation.”

Researching Composite Slate

To protect the structure of the house and reduce safety risks, the homeowners decided it was time to replace the tiles. But, they really like the natural slate look. The solution? Single-width composite slate tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“After thorough research, it was abundantly clear that DaVinci was the choice for us,” says Lavinsky. “We considered everything from potential damage from salt air and sea spray to sun fade. After that, of course, we considered the pounding storms we get on the coastline. The DaVinci product checked off all the boxes.”

Constructed to Last

Made of pure virgin resins, UV and thermal stabilizers, as well as a highly-specialized fire retardant, the state-of-the-art DaVinci tile endures beautifully in any climate. Especially in coastal communities.

Constructed to withstand strong winds up to 110 mph, DaVinci tiles resist fading in the sun. They also resist salt air, sea spray, insects, splitting, chipping, algae growth and mold.

Most impressively, DaVinci composite slate tiles are Class 4 rated for impact. In addition they have a Class A fire rating. These highest industry ratings mean the Atlantic City roof will confidently stand up to Mother Nature for decades. As an added bonus, there will be minimal maintenance.

Finding the Best RooferAtlantic City Home

To tackle the installation of the DaVinci Single-Width Slate roof in a Brownstone color, the homeowners brought in Only the Best Builder.

“I cannot say enough about this company,” says Linda Lavinsky. “Dean and Dave were professional, thorough and possess an extreme level of attention to detail. They respected our home and the property of our neighbors. Most importantly, they did a sensational job installing the composite slate roofing!”

Topping Off the Seaside Home

With the job finished, the Lavinsky and Fishkin home now receives compliments from neighbors and friends.

“This composite slate roof has restored elegance to our home,” says Lavinsky. “The natural-looking DaVinci slate enhances the architectural intent of one of our home’s most prominent features.

“We absolutely love our new roof. We’d recommend both Only the Best Builder and DaVinci roofing products to any homeowner!”