Blow Out the Candles, Not the Roof!

For some people, reaching the age of 25 is a milestone. It’s the same for houses. When two Illinois homes recently turned 25, they each celebrated by getting new composite roofing.

Switching from Shake to SlateShake to Slate

In Oak Brook, the 25-year old home of Gautam Patel had suffered wind damage to its aging real cedar roof. Ready for a change, Patel consulted with Jason Chase of JNJ Restoration in Evanston, Illinois.

“I built this home a quarter of a century ago with a real shake roof,” says Patel. “The weather has aged the real cedar. I told Jason I wanted the best quality roof in the market. That’s what led me to the DaVinci Multi-Width Slate product.”

The team from JNJ Restoration began the process by ditching the old, brittle cedar shakes. Then the transformation began. Patel had selected the European blend of grays and purples to accent his gray brick home. Once copper accents and snowguards were installed, the home exterior was dramatically changed.

“This new composite slate roof adds value to my home and neighborhood,” says Patel. “Impressively, the DaVinci roof will also help me save $1,200 each year on my homeowners insurance.

“However, the best part of this experience was really working with Jason and his team. They are excellent. Very cooperative and responsive. They finished my reroofing project on time and this new roof has truly brought new life to our home.”

Waiting for a Change

A few miles away, in Glen Ellyn, homeowner Lexie Harris feels the same way about her experience with JNR Restoration.

“Jason and his team are amazing to work with,” says Harris. “From dealing with our insurance company to making sure every detail of the roof was completed in a timely manner, he was simply the best!”

Harris learned about DaVinci products from Chase and saw the composite roofing on some of her neighbor’s homes.

“Up until recently, houses on our street were required to have real cedar shake roofing,” says Harris. “We had some pretty bad weather damage to our roof and knew it needed to be replaced. However, we wanted to wait until our association allowed a different option.”

Swapping out to SyntheticsShake to Slate

According to Harris — and many people in similar situations around the country — real cedar shakes take a lot of work to maintain. That can get expensive and be a time-consuming hassle. So, when her association changed the product specifications, she jumped on the chance to get a new synthetic shake roof.

“We love the look of shake, but not the hassles,” says Harris. “The DaVinci Select Shake is ideal for us. The appearance is terrific, it’s easy to maintain and it will last for a VERY long time!”

Harris chose the Mountain blend of three earthy brown tones to top her brick home. Combined with her copper accents, the roof has been given new life.

“Our curb appeal has skyrocketed,” says Harris. “It’s a clean, beautiful-looking roof. We love the look of a darker roof on our home and we’re getting lots of compliments on it.

“We were ready to shake up the look of our home. With the help of Jason and his team, plus the Select Shake product, we were able to accomplish our goal!”