Brownell Talbot Campus Gets New DaVinci Composite Slate Roofing

A “race against the calendar” had the team at Ciaccio Roofing installing 173 squares of DaVinci Multi-Width Slate roofing on five campus buildings at Brownell Talbot last year. From sun up to sun down, the roofers started on May 28th when the school season ended and finished the project on October 1st.


The challenge at the school was that, although the bulk of the work was performed over the summer break, they still had an aquatics center open, offices running, summer camps and other activities on the Omaha campus. To compensate, the Ciaccio roofers continually moved the safety perimeter around the specific work area.

With the race against the clock — and the calendar — underway, the team of roofers set about replacing the old, deteriorated roofing materials on the school’s Science Building, Fitness Center, Chapel, the Worthington Building and the Swanson Building. Located in downtown Omaha, the 156-year-old campus is Nebraska’s only private, independent, coeducational, college preparatory day school for children in grades preschool through 12.

Tackling Large Roofing Projects

For the roofing team, the most unique aspect of the project was their first time installing composite roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“There were both flat and steep slope roofs in this project,” says Jon Case, sales manager for Ciaccio Roofing. “We specialize in flat roofs and larger scale commercial projects, so our team was very prepared for this campus-wide project and working with the campus to make the installation process go smoothly.


“The school emphasized they wanted the finished product to bring aesthetic value to their prestigious private campus. I’d heard a lot of good things from other people in the industry about the impact-resistant DaVinci composite slate and thought it would be the obvious choice for replacing the concrete tiles, slate, membrane and asbestos roofing we found on top of these buildings.”

Confidence in Composite Slate

After being awarded the project, Case and Ciaccio Roofing pushed for using the DaVinci product.

“This was our first time using the DaVinci composite slate,” says Case. “We had complete confidence that it was the right choice for this project. It’s a superior product in terms of longevity, ease of application, and it’s a more economical choice for these structures.


“We also knew it was important to school officials to match the color of their existing tile as closely as they could to the new color. Once they saw the Evergreen color of the composite slate, they were sold. After the project was complete several people with the school told us they could hardly tell the difference in regard to color from the old roof to this one.”

A+ Grade for DaVinci and Ciaccio Roofing

According to Case, the timing could not have been better for the school to replace their roofs. Hail storms had made such a devastating impact that roofing on all the buildings was deemed a total loss by the insurance provider.

The school selected the composite slate tiles to hold up to the challenging weather conditions experienced in Nebraska. Key features of durability, ease of installation and DaVinci’s impressive warranty all sold the school administration on the composite slate roofing tiles.