Builder Chooses DaVinci Slate for His Seaside Home

Ocean City, New Jersey. Beachfront living for some. Bayfront living for others. The experienced building team at Halliday-Leonard turns dreams of living near the sea into reality for many people — including one of its owners.

When a large lot became available a few years back, Keith Leonard snatched it up. A builder by trade, Leonard knew the site would be perfect for his family. And he knew that he wanted a DaVinci synthetic slate roof overhead.

“This lot is just a few blocks from where we previously lived,” says Leonard, a partner in Halliday-Leonard, Inc. “However, it’s about twice the size of our previous home. It was time for us to expand and create a home that could really fit our family.”

SeasideStanding Up to Seaside Conditions

Leonard knows the importance of selecting building products that can handle salt air, sea spray, humidity and severe weather conditions. During the past 40+ years, his company has created more than 1,300 custom homes and projects in the Ocean City area. 

“When it came time to select our roof, I knew I wanted DaVinci Roofscapes,” says Leonard. “Our home is exposed to bay winds, salty air, lots of sunshine … everything that makes this a great area to live. However, you have to create an exterior building envelope that can stand up to those conditions.

“I recommend DaVinci products to others, so naturally I wanted a DaVinci product for my own home.”

Ready for Shore Life

The “seashore style” home created by Leonard has DaVinci Slate roofing overhead in a Brownstone color. Staggered edges, color variations and dramatic shadow lines all contribute to its truly realistic look.


Made to withstand winds up to 110 mph, along with being fire- and impact-resistant, the roof is ideal for seaside conditions. The synthetic slate tiles resist mold, mildew, and algae growth. No matter how humid the conditions, the tiles will never rot, curl or attract insects.

“This is an easy-care roof backed by a Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty from DaVinci,” says Leonard. “It doesn’t get any better than this. I don’t have to worry about what Mother Nature throws our way. I know this roof can help protect my home, my family and my property. That’s a great reason to invest in a durable DaVinci roof.”