Building Custom Homes — and a Business — With Composite Slate Roofing

Travel the streets of Naperville, Illinois and you’ll see stunning custom homes and communities. Many of them have been designed and built by Charleston Building & Development. And, on these homes, most of them have composite roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“We’ve used DaVinci products since 2008,” says Adam Van Someren, vice president of Charleston Building & Development. “This composite roofing has the aesthetics we want plus the low-maintenance no-hassle concerns that our homeowners desire.”

Easy-Care Roofing

A father and sons family company, Charleston Building & Development has been in Naperville since 1998. The team specializes in luxury developments and custom-designed residences. They pay special attention to all the details, including every product specified for each home.

Custom Home

Back in 2005 the company developed Jefferson Estates. This community of upscale custom homes was designed for luxury living. When customers started asking for longer-lasting roofing alternatives that better fit their architectural style, the firm recommended homeowners consider composite slate roofing. Now, eight houses in the community have DaVinci’s Slate. And, two new under-construction homes at Jefferson Estates will also get the same product.

“Whether it’s individual custom homes or luxury row homes, we don’t want people to have to worry about their roofs,” says Van Someren. “Our experience with DaVinci roofing has been very positive. Over the years we’ve come to depend on it for both its realistic look and low maintenance.”

Authentic-Looking Composite Slate

As Charleston Building & Development moves ahead with newer projects, they continue to rely on composite roofing.

Charleston Row, located in downtown Naperville, is a luxury six-unit row home development. With options ranging from 3,500-3,900 square feet, the homes feature rooftop decks, high end finishes and many design amenities. Because there’s a focus on low maintenance home ownership, there’s also DaVinci Slate tiles overhead.

Custom Home

Additionally, down the street construction is underway on Charleston Row II. Here eight luxury row homes feature the same full stone and real stucco exteriors, custom Old World tilt-and-turn windows, private balconies, private elevators, and again, DaVinci Slate roofing.

“The quality of the DaVinci product continues to match the luxury developments we design,” says Van Someren. “The authentic look of the slate is impressive. This is a roofing product that looks strikingly like real slate. However, our homeowners don’t worry about the hassles of real slate on their roofs.

“As we continue to grow our presence in Naperville, we will rely on DaVinci products to perfectly top off our homes. From our perspective, this composite roofing gives us a worry-free product with outstanding design appeal.”