“Buy DaVinci. Don’t Look Anywhere Else!”

Those are the words of Alisa Hood, a homeowner in Waxhaw, North Carolina. After getting a new DaVinci Single-Width Slate roof, Hood and her husband are so impressed with the beauty of their new lightweight composite slate roof, she’s ready to tell everyone, “Buy DaVinci. Don’t look anywhere else!”

DaVinci lightweight composite slate enabled this homeowner to keep the look of natural slate without the weight -- or maintenance.
DaVinci to the Rescue

This re-roofing story starts two years ago. That’s when Randy and Alisa Hood moved into their spacious home in the Longview community outside of Charlotte. They loved their new house, however the original fiber cement synthetic slate roof was in bad shape.

The Hoods hired Taylor Construction to evaluate their roof and give recommendations.

“The shingles were showing fiber strands,” says Matt Taylor co-owner of Taylor Construction of North Carolina LLC. “Plus there was storm damage. This roof really needed replacing.”

The Hoods had seen other roofs being replaced in their neighborhood. They really liked a black Spanish slate roof. However, Taylor advised them their roof structure couldn’t handle the weight of the slate. That’s when he introduced them to DaVinci Roofscapes products.

“DaVinci was the more lightweight and cost effective solution,” says Taylor. “Plus, it has a realistic look to match the style they desired.”

Attention to Detail

With the decision made, the real work started. The heavy fiber cement slate had to be removed. Each square weighed in at around 700 to 800 pounds. This coupled with the house having limited access made removal a large challenge for the team.

From a roof in bad shape to this spectacular completed project, DaVinci lightweight composite slate helped make the transformation possible.

“We didn’t want to damage any landscaping and spacing was tight,” says Taylor, a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor. “We used a 10,000-pound, 60-foot reach extending forklift to access the property the best we could. The team removed the old heavier fiber cement roof system by stacking and walking the old roofing over the ridgeline to the extending forklift in order to protect the property.”

Once the previous roofing tiles were gone, the impressive change started taking place. DaVinci’s lightweight composite slate tiles in Slate Black arrived on site. They were installed, providing the homeowners with the look they desired.

“The quality and ease of handling DaVinci versus other synthetic products is better,” says Taylor. “Above all, there’s the look and design. In my opinion the DaVinci product most closely resembles the look of real slate.”

Coming Together

To finish off the project, Taylor worked his magic with the copper accents. His team replaced all the original copper on the home. This totals about 6,000 pounds of copper.

“We installed everything from the standing seam copper pool house roof all the way down to the pitch transitional flashing,” says Taylor. “These accents are just stunning.”

The Hoods completely agree.

“We really appreciate the workmanship achieved by Matt and his team,” says Randy Hood. “They’ve created a roof with a tremendous amount of curb appeal for our home. It adds beauty and value to our property.”

“We’re so pleased with the DaVinci recommendation, the work that was performed and the final outcome of this project,” adds Alisa Hood. “That’s why my first comment is also my last — buy DaVinci! Don’t look anywhere else!”