California Roof Shake Up

Throughout areas of California, local ordinances are being put into place requiring homeowners to replace real wood shake roofing with fire-resistant roofing products. Homeowners Mike and Andrea Boone of Cayucos, California found out from their insurance company that their old wooden shake roof had to be replaced if they wanted to keep their homeowner's policy.

According to Mike Boone, his home “begged” for a designer roof that was more interesting than standard composite shingles. “We didn’t want to skimp on our roof,” says Boone. “We decided that the roof selection we made needed to complement the house, not just cover it. We justified any extra we spent on the roof because it added value to the overall home.”

The Boones decided to make two big changes on their roof — the first, switching from shake to slate. The second, investing in a DaVinci slate alternative product. With 49 colors to choose from, the Boones created a personalized DaVinci Multi-Width Slate roof that features a blended combination of Slate Black and Slate Gray with highlight colors blended in of Light Green and Dark Green.

"We wanted a luxury roof with some interest to it, not just one tedious color," says Boone. "The subtleness of the colors we selected blended well together. We liked the blend of the roof colors so much that they inspired us to select exterior siding and accent colors to complement it."

The 2,500-square-foot "Carmel Cottage" single-story Boone home now sports a fire-resistant DaVinci synthetic roof that is supported by a 50-year warranty. In addition to resisting fire, the durable slate roofing shingles are easy-to-maintain and allow the Boones to spend more time enjoying their coastal home rather than worrying about it.

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