Canadian Homeowners Appreciate Composite Shake Roof Durability

The Jarvis residence is the first of many Stonepoint homes that will enjoy composite shake roof durability with its new DaVinci roof. It’s good to be No. 1. Just ask Guy and Charlene Jarvis. They own the first house in their Stonepine community to enjoy the composite shake durability of a DaVinci roof. This gives them almost celebrity status in their 72-home luxury estate neighborhood.

Located outside of Calgary, the exclusive Stonepine community was built about 25 years ago. When constructed, the 50 villas and 22 homes all had real cedar shake shingle roofs. Those roofs are now more than 75 percent through their life cycle.

To maintain a consistent top-quality appearance, the Stonepine Homeowners Association is considering a pronouncement that only DaVinci Select Shake tiles may be used to replace failing roofs in the development. The decision is expected in 2023, with a villa roof replacement program taking place in 2024 or 2025.

Someone Has to Go First

Having moved into their home in 2018, the Jarvis family was ready for a new roof. The original roof had cedar shakes that were broken and falling off. There was also moss growth on some northside facing shakes.

“We had completed a major renovation of the house interior,” says Guy Jarvis. “We didn’t want to have a roof leak cause damage to the new renovation. What we really needed the peace of mind of knowing that the roof overhead would protect our home’s interior.”

DaVinci roofs and the composite shake durability they offer will provide welcome beauty and protection for Stonepoint homes. That’s when Charlene and Guy met up with the team at Signature Roof Tile. They saw samples of the DaVinci product and learned about the features and durability of a composite shake roof. Next they approached the HOA and set in motion a major change for the community.

“Our HOA was great to work with in securing approvals for the Select Shake product,” says Jarvis. “They spent more time with Signature Roofing reviewing the product than we did! We actually ended up relying on the HOA recommendation. Now there’s a potential for everyone in the community to have the same unified appearance if all the roofs are replaced with Select Shake over the next few years.”

First Select Shake Roof Now Up!

For the Jarvis home, Signature Roofing efficiently tackled the project.

“This was a steep roof, and we paid special attention to the landscaping around the home,” says Chad Coljee, president and owner of Signature Roof Tile Ltd. “There are tight areas around the property that were a bit challenging, but our team was ready for the project. We’ve been in business since 1999. In addition, we’ve installed DaVinci roofs for the past five years, so we know how to handle all types of roofing situations.”

Guy Jarvis agrees. “We will recommend Signature Roof Tile to others,” says Jarvis. “Their installer team was excellent and took great care of our property. They did a full clean up of materials each evening.

“Everything came in right on budget so there were no surprises. And, while it took a little longer than we expected, their attention to getting it done right was most important to us.”

With the Select Shake Aged Cedar roof now overhead, the Jarvis family is receiving compliments from neighbors. “Folks are stopping by to get a sense of what their new roofs might look like,” says Jarvis. “After all, we may soon be a community of Select Shake roofs!”