Celebration for a 10-Year-Old DaVinci Roof

DaVinci composite slate roofBack in 2011 Dan Baer made a smart move. The California homeowner replaced his rotting wood shake shingles with fire-resistant composite roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.

Concerned with wildfires in Orange County where he lives, Baer knew his old shake roof had to go. Once he got his DaVinci composite slate roof installed, he was so excited that he and his wife Cynthia threw a roof party!

Roofing Confidence

In the past decade, Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) codes and restrictions have increased on the West Coast. That makes Baer even more satisfied with his DaVinci roof purchase.

“We’ve had wildfires in Yorba Linda and Anaheim Hills with many homes lost,” reflects Baer. “Fortunately we have not had to evacuate. And, most importantly, we know that stray wildfire sparks would not affect our roof.

“Heck, you could drop a lighted road flare on our DaVinci Shake roof and it would merely melt the adjacent shingles. The fire-resistancy of this roof gives us tremendous peace-of-mind.”

DaVinci Composite Slate Roof

Dependable Durability

In addition to feeling secure from fires, Baer also appreciates the durability of his composite slate roof.

“Many of our friends with real slate or concrete roofs complain about broken tiles,” says Baer. They can’t walk on their roofs without breaking tiles. Then, when they attempt to replace those broken tiles, many more are broken in the process. It’s an evil cycle.

“With our DaVinci roof I can easily walk on the roof. And, we don’t have shingles breaking. I never have a concern of damage with this roof.

“This DaVinci roof has held up extremely well. It’s still in ‘like new’ condition. When we sell this home in the future, we know that the roof will be a key selling point. It has the appearance of a true slate roof, adds to the curb appeal of our home, and definitely provides protection from the wildfires that plague our area.”