Choosing Polymer Slate Tiles Over Real Slate Roofing Shingles

Go ahead and take some advice from homeowner John Mastronardo. When he purchased a 1920s English Tudor style home in the West Mount Airy section of Philadelphia in 2008, he and his wife Joyce decided to make replacing the original slate roof tiles a top priority.

Fake SlateAs with the rest of the home renovation, Mastronardo and Joyce completed extensive research before making a decision on what to put on the top of their 2,600-square foot home. “We didn’t make the roofing decision lightly,” says Mastronardo. “We wanted to preserve the look and feel of the original roof along with the overall character of the home. But, as with most people, I had a budget. The cost of a synthetic slate roof from DaVinci Roofscapes was much more affordable than using real slate.

“The more I learned about the DaVinci synthetic slate roofing tiles, the more I liked them. The product perfectly complements the stone, brick and stucco features of our home. Even if the costs were equal, I’d still choose this DaVinci product because of all the inherent benefits of synthetic roofing tiles.”

Composite SlateThe re-roofing experience for the home went so well that the Mastronardos decided on the spot to move ahead and have their garage, pool cabana and patio roofs redone with the Castle Gray synthetic roof materials.

“From the street, you simply cannot tell that these are not real slate tiles,” says Mastronardo. “My neighbors stop me all the time to ask about the roof. They’re surprised to discover it’s a synthetic product."

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