Classic Black & White: Refined Roofing Elegance

This white, modern farmhouse and its classic slate look synthetic DaVinci roof perfectly complement each other.
They did it right. When the new owners of KenBridge Estate purchased their home, they decided to make several immediate changes. First to go, the stained asphalt shingle roof. In its place, a striking Province Slate composite roof in Slate Black.

“A black roof on a white home is a never-go-wrong choice,” says Color Expert Kate Smith with Sensational Color. “The modern farmhouse trend has recently reignited a desire for this classic look. The high contrast of black and white calls attention to the lovely architectural details of this house, adding to its curb appeal.”

Natural Slate Appearance

Built in 2012, the sprawling farmhouse truly appears “connected” by the classic slate look of the synthetic roof.

The 12-inch single-width Province Slate tile has an authentic natural slate appeal. It features a fixed 8-inch exposure and works beautifully for the KenBridge Estate property.

“The Province Slate product is stunning in photos,” according to Will Boyd, owner of Renewal Roofing, based in Roswell, Georgia. “However, it’s even better in person! We’ve installed several Province Slate roofs. But, this one truly ‘fits’ the project.

“For a simple farmhouse, this roof works perfectly. The fact that DaVinci is ideal for retrofitting a faux slate product onto a structure makes this an easy choice in my opinion.”

With its classic slate look, this DaVinci roof will protect the home beautifully for decades to come. Roofer Sets High Standard

Boyd and his team worked tirelessly to install the synthetic slate with the classic slate look on KenBridge Estate. Installation itself wasn’t so much the issue. It was protecting the incredible landscaping throughout the property.

“We coordinated with the on-site horticulturist to understand the needs of the plants and trees,” says Boyd. “Specific areas were designated as safety zones for tear off of the old shingles. Special teams were designated to lower the shingles from the roofs. We also invested in a heavy duty screening system. This allowed us to have one of the cleanest tear offs I’ve seen in my 19 years in the business.”

With the asphalt shingles removed — and the landscaping secured — the next steps took place. The Province Slate tiles were carefully lifted to the roof and installed.

“DaVinci products are lightweight,” says Boyd. “That helps with the speed of installation. However, no one should ever be fooled. These products are Class 4 impact rated and Class A fire rated. They resist winds up to 110 mph and severe weather. These are the roofing products I recommend for everyone throughout the Southeast.”