Colorful DaVinci Roofs Help Businesses Stand Out

Want to get attention for your business? Try a colorful DaVinci roof!

Whether you select a custom red like the folks at Bass Pro Shops® did for some of their stores, or a custom blend of polymer shake roofing tiles in light gray, light weathered gray, medium weathered gray, medium dark weathered gray and dark weathered gray like The North Face® retail store in Victor, N.Y., you can "make a splash" up on the roof!

“Show us a color on a scarf, a candle, a company logo or a painting and we can replicate it for the roof,” says Ray Rosewall, CEO and president of DaVinci Roofscapes. “We can even match the color of your favorite pet’s fur, a bedspread or a paint sample. This ability to custom create precise colors allows us to creatively support the exterior marketing goals for many businesses."

In Atlanta, the roof of Paces 88 American Bistro is adorned with dark green DaVinci polymer slate tiles while Yesterday's restaurant in Hazlet, N.J. chose a slate gray for their synthetic roofing material. Another restaurant, Captain George's Seafood Restaurant on the North Carolina coast selected the Mountain Blend of three brown shades of composite shake to top off their 12,100-square-foot building.

Restaurants and retail stores aren't the only commercial projects adding colors to their roofs. The 48-room Beach Terrace Inn hotel in Carlsbad, Calif. has an Aberdeen blend of stone, gray, brown, green and purple shades for their low-pitch DaVinci fake slate roof. That's the same color blend selected by Tower Bank in Indiana for their DaVinci imitation slate roof.

If you need help selecting colors for the roof, see Colorful Custom Roof Projects – Part I and No Blender Needed.