Colorful Slate Roof the “Second Star” on Mill Mountain

From their patio area sitting atop Mill Mountain, Kevin and Nancy Dye have a sweeping view of downtown Roanoke, Va. The only home high up on the north side of the mountain, the landmark property sits just below the famous illuminated Mill Mountain Star, making it a much-seen location.

“An original red Mediterranean tile roof was on the house when it was built in 1929, but over the years it was replaced,” says homeowner Nancy Dye. “Since the house is often in shadows on the north side of the mountain, the black roof made the home look dark and foreboding.

“We did an extensive amount of research on roofing materials and searched for a realistic and durable slate product. The result is a DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate roof that we love. We brightened up the home’s exterior by selecting the Vineyard blend of eight different colors — dark and medium tan, light and medium gray, light and dark violet, dark stone and dark amber. This color combination fits the era of the home and complements our cobblestone driveway and sidewalk, the stone exterior of the house and our copper gutters and snow guards.”

Fixing an Old Roof

The weather and structure damage to the roof of the Dye’s home was extensive. The team at Miller Roofing & Guttering out of Roanoke was brought in to remove the damaged materials and asbestos tiles, and completely reroof the home.

“Along with the structural challenges on this project, the weather didn’t cooperate with us too much, but we got the job done successfully,” says Richard C. Miller, president and owner of Miller Roofing & Guttering. “The installation of the DaVinci product was flawless. As we laid in the different colors you could see the house exterior lighten up and come to life.

“This was our first experience installing DaVinci roofing products, but I really don’t think it will be our last. The product has a lot going for it — a 50-year limited warranty, impact- and fire-resistancy, and the slate and shake tiles come in such a wide variety of colors that homeowners are certain to find what they’re looking for. Plus, the slate product we installed was extremely realistic-looking while not being as heavy as natural slate!”

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