Colors that Work Together on a Composite Roof

Homeowners in Texas can never really rest easy… they must always be ready for severe weather. Tornados, hail, and high winds are constant reminders that they need a secure roof overhead. One such harsh hail storm in 2018 caused Michael and Patti Catino to install a new composite slate roof. Their previous roof was damaged to the extent that their insurance company agreed to replace their entire roof.

“We built our home in 2008/2009,” says Patti. “Since then, we’ve been through several roofs. We’re hoping this DaVinci Multi-Width Slate roof is the last one we ever have to put on our home.”

Working with Professionals

A closeup of this new DaVinci multi width slate roofThe Catinos worked with HUF Construction to replace their previous roof. They sing the crew’s praises and appreciate their constant attention to details.

“There are roofing companies, and then there are roofing companies,” says Catino. “The HUF Construction team respected our property. They worked in a timely manner. Most of all, I appreciate that, a year later, I can pick up the phone and get a hold of someone who responds immediately.

“Even now, if there are any tweaks needed to the copper, they’re very responsive. A roof is a big investment. We appreciate their high levels of customer service.”

Exterior Home Colors Working Together

To complement their home’s unique brick multi-colored exterior, the Catinos chose a custom blend of colors for their composite slate roof.

“We have a variety of copper accents on our home,” says Catino. “There’s a copper cupola, gutters and roof over the main entryway. We chose roofing colors that we believe will complement the entire house as the copper ages and patinas. Plus, we wanted to pull the grays, greens and other colors out of our brick to create a ‘warm’ exterior look.”

Working with HUF Construction, the Catinos selected a blend of five colors: Light Brown, Dark Stone, Dark Tan, Dark Amber and Dark Green. When the roof was initially installed, friends and neighbors stopped to inquire about the faux slate roof.

“I’ve told everyone that we’d recommend the DaVinci product,” says Catino. “With the varied color patterns on the roof, we’ve gained the warm look we wanted. The composite roof adds another dimension to our home. It creates a luxurious, rich appearance.”

Selecting Roof Colors that Work

Homeowners with a brick or stone exterior can get help from DaVinci selecting a composite roofing color. There’s a free online e-book  “FRESH Color SchemDaVinci Multi-Width Slate on a Texas residencees for Homes with Brick or Stone” available on the DaVinci website.

Kate Smith, a color expert with Sensational Color, created the guide that offers top-down color suggestions.

“In this e-book we explore how to select roof colors that complement six different colors of brick exteriors,” says Smith. “We also look at five unique stone colors. For any home exterior, a roof can create up to 40 percent of the visual impact of a house. That’s why DaVinci offers a wide variety of color selection support elements on its website.”

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