Columbine Country Club Clubhouse Topped Off with Composite Slate Roof

Encompassing 56,000-square-feet, the new $25 million Columbine Country Club Clubhouse opened in late 2017. Atop the sprawling Colorado clubhouse sits DaVinci Roofscapes composite slate roofing to enhance the exterior appearance of the structure while helping protect the facility from hail and severe weather conditions.

“The Board of Directors for the country club approved of this specific Single-Width Slate composite slate roof based on its excellent appearance, durability and Class 4 impact resistant rating,” says Matthew Williams with Horn Brothers Roofing in Denver, Colorado. “This is the same roofing product we’ve installed on a variety of churches and homes in our area. People with this composite roofing product are never disappointed.”

Investing in the Future

Located on the site of the nationally renowned Columbine Golf Course, the new country club includes a 5,000-square-foot state-of-the-art wellness center, indoor and outdoor dining options, private conference rooms and dedicated family activity areas. New men’s and ladies’ locker rooms each feature indoor/outdoor dining options and there is a new tennis and swim shop.

“This new project is simply stunning,” says Michael Bratcher, COO and general manager of Columbine Country Club. “We’ve got everything from an expansive wine room to golf hitting simulators to designated children’s areas. With an investment like we’ve made in creating this extraordinary facility, it was essential that we find a roof to both complement and help protect our building.

Columbine Country Club Composite Slate Roof

“After an extensive national search and review process we hired the experts at Marsh and Associates, Inc. to design the new clubhouse. They researched our roof options and made the recommendation for a DaVinci composite slate roof in a Brownstone blend color. We’re absolutely thrilled with this product and how it complements the style of our clubhouse.”

According to Bratcher, some of the club’s members have the same type of composite roof on their own homes. “We’re familiar with the DaVinci roofing tiles in our area,” says Bratcher. “Asphalt shingles in our Denver market simply don’t work.

“The DaVinci slate has the durability we were looking for. Plus it complements the natural stone on both the inside and outside of our new clubhouse. This roofing product helps complete the look of our building. We found that DaVinci was a great value, has a wonderful, finished style and its performance capabilities so far have been terrific.”

Growth of CCC

Opened in 1955, the Columbine Country Club has hosted the 1967 PGA Championship and five LPGA tournaments. When constructed, just 200 home sites surrounded the fairways. The area, which provides open views of the mountains, a plateau and a winding river valley, was the perfect setting for the growth of the golf course and its community.

Located outside of Denver, the Columbine Country Club Clubhouse now boasts three levels of membership with a total of 640 members. “Every person stepping into the new clubhouse expresses enthusiasm for the design and amenities available,” says Bratcher. “The investment in this project was significant, and the payoff happens on a daily basis.”