Commercial Projects Rely on Polymer Roofing

Developers and building industry professionals eager to construct and remodel projects with long-lasting roofing products are turning to low-maintenance polymer roofing tiles. With their 50-year warranty, slate and shake tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes are a popular choice for restaurants, hotels, banks and other commercial projects.

Non-residential structures need dependable roofs overhead to not only protect their buildings but also add a sense of style to the structure. With 49 colors and endless custom color options, DaVinci’s impact-resistant, Class A polymer roofs are the perfect fit for commercial projects from coast-to-coast.

Tower Bank

The leadership group at Tower Bank in Indiana has seen rapid expansion since starting their bank in 1999. Not surprisingly, this forward-thinking team was excited about the new bank designs created by architects that called for DaVinci Roofscapes tiles. They were to be used on both the roof and the siding of several of their new branch locations.

“The eye-catching appeal of our locations helps set us apart in the marketplace,” says Julie Bobay, facilities coordinator for Tower Bank & Trust Company, based in Fort Wayne, Ind. “The use of low-maintenance polymer roofing tiles, brick and composite features make our banking facilities showpieces in the community.”

tower-large1-300×190“When it came time to select products for the exterior, we found t he idea appealing of bringing some of the roof colors and tiles down onto the sides of the building,” says Amie Lindsay, RA, architect and owner of Delineation architectural firm that specified DaVinci product for the Fort Wayne Tower Bank location. “We selected a mixture of the dark stone and green stone colors to drop down under the soffit and extend about three feet around the building. After that we added white trim to separate the brick wainscot application on the rest of the structure. To further accent the structure we specified the roofing tile added between the windows on the bank.

“The continuous use of DaVinci Multi-Width Slate Aberdeen roofing tiles around the top perimeter of the building. This allowed us to design a structure that was both beautiful and easy to maintain. We’re pleased that Tower Bank liked the initial design so much that they have chosen to incorporate it into additional locations throughout Fort Wayne.”

Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant

Despite its coastal location and the potential for severe weather anytime throughout the year, the owners of the 400-seat buffet-style Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant in Kill Devil Hills aren’t worried. The 12,100-square-foot building on the Outer Banks of North Carolina is protected by an impact-resistant roof from DaVinci Roofscapes. Tested to withstand hurricane-force weather conditions, the polymer shake roofing tiles also resist fire, rot, moisture and insects.

Cpt-Georges-Tahoe-02-300×202“We sleep better at night knowing that the roof on this restaurant was a smart investment to protect our business,” says Sherry Pitsilides, co-owner of Captain George’s Seafood Restaurant. “With the unpredictable weather we see on the coast, we wanted to make sure to have a roof that would safeguard our guests, employees and business if conditions got bad. The 50-year warranty on the product brings us peace-of-mind and a good night’s sleep at the end of a busy day.”

When design architect Wayne Anderson, AIA, and project architect Jonathan Rau, AIA, of Covington Hendrix Anderson Architects took on the design and product specifications for the restaurant, they knew polymer materials would be the best choice for the roof. “There are two distinct reasons why we selected the DaVinci roofing tiles for this product over all other companies,” says Rau. “First, the variations within the color of the Mountain Blend tile that DaVinci offers is so much more realistic looking than the competition. The three shades of dark brown in the roofing tiles blend in perfectly with the environment and look completely natural.

“Second, the depth of the shakes for DaVinci was a positive factor because the shadow line is more realistic. These two key items made a positive impression on us and the owners, and have resulted in an exceptionally good-looking roof.”

St. Regis Hotel

reg-225×300Sitting royally in the heart of Atlanta’s prestigious Buckhead section is the five-star St. Regis Hotel. And, sitting atop the roof of the hotel’s famous Paces 88 American Bistro restaurant are weather-resistant slate roofing tiles from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“We got the call in early 2009 that the St. Regis wanted to add a small one-story addition to the front of its property to house a cafe-type restaurant to the right of the main entrance,” says Todd Spencer, president/architect at Spencer Roofing & Construction, Inc. in Kennesaw, Ga. “The goal was for the roof addition to complement the roof on the main section of this prestigious hotel. This desire immediately brought DaVinci products to mind.

“We installed 15 squares of 12-inch DaVinci Dark Green authentic slate tiles in a mansard application on this restaurant roof. The match is ideal. When the doors opened to the 26-floor hotel in April of 2009 the roof and the entryway looked perfect.”

Yesterday’s Restaurant

For more than 50 years the Spalliero family has served up authentic southern Italian and American cuisine at Yesterday’s Restaurant in Hazlet, N. J. That service stopped on March 14, 2010 when a late-night fire closed the restaurant for eight months.

THMUBB-300×225“There was never a doubt that we’d rebuild,” says Vinny Spalliero, owner of the Bayshore community restaurant. “This business is family owned and operated. So, we pulled together to get back in business as quickly as possible.”

When Yesterday’s Restaurant reopened in November of 2010, the 8,500-square foot banquet and restaurant facility had a new, fire-resistant roof overhead. “I picked out the slate gray DaVinci Shake roof because it had the look I was going for that matched up with the stone and stucco siding features we added to the building after the renovation,” says Spalliero. “The polymer roof is a nice, durable product. And, the fire resistant benefit gives us all added peace-of-mind.

“What really clicked for us was that the DaVinci roofing products are backed by a 50-year limited warranty. That means that these tiles will hold up perfectly through the next generation of our family that operates this restaurant.”

Beach Terrace Inn

While guests checking into the 48-room Beach Terrace Inn hotel in Carlsbad, Calif. may initially be drawn to the oceanfront views, their gaze soon wanders to the fully-renovated hotel itself. And, that’s when they’re likely to notice the structure’s unique design and low-pitch roof.

When renovating the oceanfront hotel, the owners searched for a low-maintenance roof that could hold up to both the salt air and the harsh rays of the sun. They also wanted a roofing product that would add to the design of the overall design of the structure. After extensive research, they selected an Aberdeen blend of stone, gray, brown, green and purple shades for their low-pitch roof.

The owners knew the roof’s pitch made it a major design feature of the building, so they wanted the roofing tiles to complement the hacienda-style of the hotel. They also needed a roof that would stand up to the coastal conditions they experience. The winning combination came with the polymer DaVinci slate tiles that resist high wind, fire and high impact with virtually no periodic maintenance.

Commercial Projects Coast-to-Coast

In addition to the projects listed above, the following commercial projects are just some of those done in recent years that also had new polymer DaVinci roofs installed:

  • State University of New York (SUNY) dormitories in Canton, New York
  • DuSable Museum in Chicago, Illinois
  • Mohawk Avenue School in Sparta, New Jersey
  • Olde Liberty Station restaurant in Bedford, Virginia
  • Elk Track town homes in Beaver Creek, Colorado
  • Sacred Heart Ukrainian Church in Johnson City, New York