Complex Synthetic Slate Roof Installation

Consider the feeling of accomplishment you’d have after mastering the hardest jigsaw puzzle imaginable. That’s the feeling Mike Brennan had when he finished installing the complex synthetic slate roof on Kathleen Malone’s new lakeside home.

“Our team loved the challenge,” says Brennan, owner of Brennan Exteriors out of Mukwonago, Wisconsin. “The main house has more than 12,000 square feet of roof area. This roof boasts many different roof lines and elevation changes. We had to configure a way to install the DaVinci Multi-Width Slate tiles on a radius roof. In addition, there are nine separate barrel roofs and a one-of-a-kind mushroom roof. When I slept at night I dreamt about these roof configurations for months!”

Before the family even moved in, a fierce storm hit but was no match for this complex synthetic slate roof by DaVinci.

Builder Recommends DaVinci

The entire project started when Malone decided to build a new home on Pine Lake in Nashotah, Wisconsin. She engaged Collaborative Design in Waukesha for their custom design/build work. When it came time to determine the roofing materials, the team had a very specific suggestion.

“The builder had seen DaVinci products at the International Builders Show and highly recommended them,” says Malone. “They were impressed by the authentic slate appearance of the synthetic slate tiles. In addition, they thought the many features of the products, like long life span, along with impact and high wind resistancy, would be valuable for my home.”

The mushroom roof pictured here is just one component of the complex synthetic slate roof installed by Brennan Exteriors.The DaVinci Multi-Width Slate product specified and installed on Malone’s home is made of virgin resins. UV and thermal stabilizers, as well as a highly-specialized fire retardant are also in the mix. The result is a product that has a Class A fire and Class 4 impact rating. It resists high winds, severe weather, cracking and insects.

“Before I even moved into the house, there was a freak high wind and hail storm,” says Malone. “There was hail damage to the area, but not to my roof! I’m very happy to report that the roof held up remarkably well. I saw firsthand how the DaVinci roof held up to Mother Nature’s wrath!”

Color Unites Project

Before the storm, when Brennan Exteriors was first on the job, Malone was excited to see the tiles being installed. The European color blend “came to life” on the home’s roof, giving it personality and style.

“I love the rich colors of the roof,” says Malone. “The shades of gray and purple complement the entire home structure. Plus they go with the original boat house roof that Brennan Exteriors previously installed with the European blend.

“Similarly, since we have the same roof on the new detached garage, the colors seem to visually tie the entire space together. It makes me happy just to look at the property.”

One-of-a-Kind Roofing Project

As the project progressed, Brennan and his team knew they were working on a “once-in-a-lifetime job.”

“When we started adding the copper flashings, the roof system began to visually pop,” says Brennan, who has installed DaVinci roofs for more than 12 years. “There’s extensive copper work on this roof including built-in copper gutters and radius copper flashings on the barrel roofs.

DaVinci's European color blend came to life on this complex synthetic slate roof, which beautifully complements the home's exterior.

“All of these combined accents truly show off the beauty of the DaVinci tiles. Fitting the pieces together was indeed like conquering a master jigsaw puzzle in a way. We’re thrilled with how the roofs on all three structures turned out.”

Cheering on the roofing team from the sidelines, Malone was just as excited as Brennan to see the roof completed.

“It was so exhilarating to see the roof come together,” says Malone. “There were so many details, and Mike and his team mastered them all. Their attention to every aspect of the project was impressive.

“The team from Brennan Exteriors are true professionals. They worked well with all the other trade people simultaneously engaged in the house construction. I’m so pleased with their work. I’d recommend both Brennan Exteriors and the DaVinci product to anyone looking for top quality workers and roofing products.”

2022 Project of the Year

Project of the Year 2022 logo

The impressive roof work done on this complex synthetic slate roof project has earned it the designation of a DaVinci Masterpiece Contractor 2022 Project of the Year. Just seven projects nationwide were awarded this honor.

Brennan Exteriors has an experienced team with 30 years roofing experience. The company provides residential roofing services throughout the Mukwonago, Wisconsin, area.