“Roof Lift” Gives Kansas Home Renewed Curb Appeal

People get facelifts all the time. So, after hail damaged the Sinclair home, the owners decided it was time for a “roof lift.”

What brought them to this decision? Their 33-year-old Wichita, Kansas house had real wood shake shingles. Unfortunately they couldn’t stand up to pounding hail damage. Because the homeowners liked the look of hand-split cedar, but not the hassles, they chose a “roof lift” with DaVinci Multi-Width Shake for a durable composite roof that boosts curb appeal.

Farewell Maintenance Hassles

“The Sinclairs were looking for a roofing product that would keep the shake look they loved,” says Brett Worrell, project manager for Rhoden Roofing. “However, they wanted a product that would stand up overtime without requiring the maintenance of the previous real wood shake.

“In addition, one of the main features these homeowners loved of the composite roofing was the ability to have a uniform pattern of the straight coursing on their roof. This keeps a very clean look on the roof line, which has added tremendously to their curb appeal.”

A DaVinci composite roof boosts curb appeal and withstands high winds.
Investing in Safety

When it came down to it, Mother Nature did the Sinclairs a favor. For the 21 years they’ve lived in the house, the wood shakes had grown older and more unreliable. The hail storm was the final “nail in the coffin” for the old roof. Once the roof was beyond repair, the homeowners didn’t even consider going back to real shake.

“I’d seen DaVinci roofing on other homes,” says Deborah Sinclair. “It’s a good looking product. More importantly, I feel it’s safer than the real shake shingles. They were always susceptible to fire.

“The Class A fire and Class 4 impact ratings of the composite shake make them an attractive option. I think that’s one reason why our insurance company was so generous with the amount they settled on to pay for the new roof. They know this new DaVinci roof is going to withstand whatever Mother Nature brings its way.”

Indeed, within months of being installed, the composite shake roof that boosts curb appeal also did well standing up to snow, ice and light hail.

Working the Plan

Rhoden Roofing are pros at putting up composite roofs. They install about 40 DaVinci composite shake and slate roofs each year. So, before the team got started on the Sinclair project, they reviewed the special needs with the homeowners. The steep-pitched two-story roof required precise coordination by the crew.

“Protecting the landscaping was our biggest challenge,” says Worrell. “The home has very established landscaping beds, shrubs and trees. We created a plan for their protection with our production and installation team. Because of this advance consideration, we were able to carefully install the roofing without damage to the property.

“With the project finished, I’ve sent several other homeowners over to view the project. Since this is an ‘all roof home’ it gives a great perspective to view the composite roof tiles and Tahoe color. A couple of people have already moved forward with the exact same roof, pattern and color!”

Composite Roof Lift Success

With the project now complete, the Sinclairs sleep easier at night.

“This roof has given us greater peace-of-mind,” says Sinclair. “We believe the Rhoden Roofing team did a very nice job on the installation. We would totally recommend them to others in our area. The DaVinci roof is beautiful and we’ve received many compliments on it. We’re excited to think that five years from now it should still look as attractive and hold up as well as it does today.

“This ‘roof lift’ enhanced the appearance of our house, plus lifted our spirits and how we feel about our home!”