Composite Roofing Stands Up to Severe Winds

BFSHTahoeMD007As a new year begins, storm damage from high winds in 2018 still impacts homeowners up and down the East Coast. In the Potomac, Maryland area, CapCity Home Remodeling has been busy for months replacing torn-up roofs with composite slate and shake roofing from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“We’ve already installed four new DaVinci composite roofs last year and we’ve got three more on the calendar to install right now,” says Mitchell LaBorwit, president of CapCity Home Remodeling out of Rockville, MD. “There’s one golf community called PTC Potomac at Avenel Farm that has many roofs torn apart. We help homeowners with the insurance claims and then recommend more durable replacement roofs for their homes.”

Relying on Composite Roofing

For the past four years CapCity Home Remodeling has installed about 30 composite roofs on homes in the Montgomery County of Maryland and Fairfax County in Virginia.

“It doesn’t matter if homeowners have asphalt or real cedar shakes,” says LaBorwit. “Once a storm hits like the one we had last March with 80 mph winds, they’re looking for a stronger roofing alternative.”

LaBorwit and his team are pleased to recommend the DaVinci composite roofing as a product to help protect the home from severe weather. The durable composite roofs resist impact, high winds, fire, algae and insects.


“We’ve seen homes where untreated cedar lasts only 15 years on a roof,” says LaBorwit. “Now fast forward to the DaVinci composite cedar products. Those roofs have a Lifetime Limited Warranty. That’s long-term peace-of-mind for a harried homeowner.”

Competitively Priced Composite Roofing

According to LaBorwit, the low maintenance, easy care advantages of composite roofing are very appealing to homeowners — especially after the hassles of dealing with real cedar or asphalt shingles.

“As an added advantage, the DaVinci composite roofing materials are very economically priced,” says LaBorwit. “Right now the Bellaforté Shake is a slightly less cost to real cedar with its current 29 percent tariff.”

With storm damage still around, the team at CapCity Home Remodeling will be busy with roof replacements until early 2019 … right in time for concerned homeowners to consider investing in new composite roofs before the start of the next hurricane season.