When Real Cedar Shakes Fail

They were only 18 years old. Yet their life was clearly over. Too thin to begin with, the real cedar shakes on Mark and Jamie Testaiuti’s home were curling, fading and discolored. In some places they were falling off, warping and covered with algae. It was time for a composite shake roof investment.

“When we got on top of this roof there was severe disintegration below the skylights,” says Donald Owens, general manager of M. Jay Builders, Inc. “In several locations you could see daylight from inside the attic. This real cedar roof had definitely failed.

“This is a case where the original lower-grade cedar shingles simply degraded. A heavier premium shingle would probably have lasted longer. However, in the end, real cedar will deteriorate more quickly than composite.”

The failing cedar shake roof on this home was upgraded with a DaVinci composite shake roof investment.

Set it and Forget It

When a failure like this occurs, replacement expenses can build up. “The cost of installing all new plywood or OSB roof decking is a challenge these days,” says Owens. “Wood costs and availability are definitely a problem. There are delays and price hikes regularly. We’re dealing with a fluctuating marketplace.”

While challenges do exist, so do the need for new roofs. So, when it’s time to replace a failing roof, people are taking the extra step to protect their homes, such as with a DaVinci composite shake roof investment.

“The Lifetime Limited Materials Warranty on our new DaVinci roof is extremely reassuring and satisfying,” says Pennsylvania homeowner Mark A. Testaiuti. “I like the ‘set it and forget it’ aspect of the composite roof. The excellent product reviews and referrals give me peace-of-mind in making this investment in the DaVinci product.”

For their home, the Testaiutis chose the DaVinci Multi-Width Shake roof placed in a staggered pattern. They selected the Mountain color of three brown blends. They feel the color has an aged weathered look. The earthy color works best with their home exterior to create strong curb appeal.

Thanks to the homeowners' composite shake roof investment, this home has a beautiful new roof with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Worth the Investment

“We put off re-roofing the house as long as we could,” says Testaiuti. “The premature aging and leaks were awful. When cedar shingles started falling off we couldn’t wait any longer.

“That’s when we did our research and found the M. J. Builders team. They were superb. Very professional, excellent craftsmanship, timely and neat. They gave us a roof that we’re getting complements on every day.

“We know we paid a somewhat premium price for the plywood and composite shakes. However, the outcome speaks for itself. Even though the material costs were high at the time, we know the overall installation and product would be about the same price as a new top grade cedar roof plus cleaning and maintenance every five or so years. I’d much rather have the DaVinci roof. Again, no maintenance is the key for me. ‘Set it and forget it’ is my new motto!”

As for the team at M. Jay Builders, they’re still busy in Testaiuti’s community.

“After doing this DaVinci roof, we have one signed contract for another home,” says Owens. “We also have another that should sign any day. Then there’s a third we’re negotiating. Homeowners are impressed by the appearance and durability of DaVinci products. I’m betting we’ll be spending a lot more time in this community installing DaVinci shakes!”

Images courtesy of ShadBoost, LLC.