Composite Shake Roofing Chosen for Historic Structure

Darcy Pollock lives in a true piece of American history. Her home was built in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, as a grist mill in the 1700s. It also served as a woolen mill, saw mill and storage barn. Eventually it was converted into a residence in 1978.

When it came time to replace the cedar shake shingles overhead, Pollock struggled. She wanted to be “true” to the historical aspect of the structure, but craved a more durable roofing solution. That’s when she discovered DaVinci Select Shake realistic-looking composite shake roofing tiles.

“The product has such a natural cedar shake appearance,” says Pollock. “The composite shake has all the variability in color and texture found in nature. These roofing tiles don’t seem ‘manufactured’ at all.

“The look of the Select Shake shingles is so realistic. It makes me glad I went with this composite material instead of natural cedar. It appears the same, but actually it’s an improvement.”

Aged Cedar Residential
Choosing Select Shake

The previous real wood shingles atop Pollock’s home were curling and brittle. Installed in the mid 1990s, the decaying cedar roof “brought down” the look of the entire structure.

Pollock invested a great deal of time into the new roofing decision. The inside of the historical home is a post-and-beam with brick and wood interior walls. The exterior is a centuries-old gray limestone.

“I feel very responsible for maintaining the history of this building,” says Pollock. “The mill is located on the Little Conestoga River, close to the Susquehanna River. This was a major North American trade route for the Oneida Nation. This entire area is rich with Conestoga Native American history.

“In the long run, I chose the Select Shake because reviews from contractors and other homeowners were very impressive. They convinced me that the durability of the composite product would outlast the real cedar with the hot sun exposure. In addition, the cost differential between DaVinci and real cedar was also a factor.”

realistic-looking composite shakerealistic-looking composite shakeAdding to History

One of the contractors Pollock listened to was Shirk Brothers Roofing. Their team ended up installing the Select Shake tiles on her home. Pollock feels the natural looking Aged Cedar color she selected adds warmth to the structure. It also contrasts with the limestone exterior.

“This particular DaVinci product truly complements the historical look of Darcy’s home,” says Randy Shirk with Shirk Brothers Roofing. “It looks very realistic, and matches both the limestone and window trim colors.

“To enhance the roof, we installed skylights. In addition, we added new copper flashings on the curbs. This was done specifically so the skylights can be replaced in the future without interfering with the roof.”

Like all DaVinci composite products, Select Shake roofing tiles are made from virgin resins. Each piece is created with UV and thermal stabilizers, along with a highly specialized fire retardant. The result is a product that earns a Class A fire rating and a Class 4 impact rating. The realistic-looking composite shake resist curling, cupping and splitting. After that, they resist severe weather, insects, termites and algae growth.

“Shirk Brothers Roofing did an excellent job installing this roof,” says Pollock. “They’re truly technical experts. Neighbors stopped by with compliments during the installation. The transformation that’s been achieved with the Select Shake roofing is just amazing. I have to believe that the founders of this property would be just as impressed as I am!”