Composite Shake Siding Fools Neighbors

What happens when your cedar shake siding finally matures to the look you love? It becomes hard to maintain.

That’s what happened to Rosemary Urbanick.

She loved the look of her old cedar shake siding, but no longer wanted to deal with the hassles associated with real shake. Then she discovered Hand-Split Shake Siding from DaVinci Roofscapes with its Lifetime Limited Material Warranty.

Authentic Look, No Hassles

“I wanted the same look that my aging siding had, but not the maintenance,” says Urbanick, a Wisconsin resident. “The Black Oak in the DaVinci Hand-Split Shake Siding was an ideal match.”

According to Urbanick, she expects the new DaVinci shingles to last 50 or more years. “It’s exciting to have the color captured exactly as you like it,” says Urbanick. “For me, the best aspect is the low maintenance and how the Black Oak has ‘captured’ the perfect point in time of the weathered color I like!”

A nice little before/after of Rosemar'y sold real shakes versus DaVinci's bright new shake sidingNeighborhood Envy

“Everyone seems to really like the look of the Hand-Split Shake Siding,” says Urbanick. “Strangers and friends alike have had positive comments on the siding.”

Urbanick relates that one neighbor would not believe the siding wasn’t real cedar. Until he touched it! “He had to walk up to it and feel it,” says Urbanick. “That’s how realistic the cedar shake look appears.

“People from church and friends keep commenting on the siding. One man who grew up in a cedar shake shingle house simply didn’t believe this was composite siding.

“The look of the DaVinci is impressively authentic. So many people have no idea I have composite siding!”

Realistic. Reliable. Right for the Project.

Installed by Sunset Ridge Exteriors, the composite siding withstands the damaging effects of sun, hail, gale-force winds, and free and thaw cycles. It also resists rotting, pest infestations and cracking, which can be a problem with real cedar shakes.Rosemary's house, resplendent in its new DaVinci hand-split shake siding.

Available in eight- and ten-inch widths, the 18-inch tall composite shakes can be installed at six-, seven- or eight-inch exposure. And, the thick, deep grooves and realistic grain patterns combine to create dramatic shadows and visual richness.

“It was definitely time for Rosemary to get new siding,” says Michael Richichi, owner of Sunset Ridge Exteriors out of McFarland, Wisconsin. “Her old cedar siding was showing its age. She was in need of an upgrade to help protect her home exterior.

“We followed the installation instructions from DaVinci for this siding project. There was a small learning curve, but then we were able to move right along. The technical team at DaVinci was consistently available to handle any questions.

“We’re feeling good about this composite siding product. In our geographic area, this faux shake material should have a really great future!”