Composite Shake Takes the Checkered Flag for the Win!

Former race car driver Gary Baker knows what it’s like to feel the wind rip as he whips around the Daytona International Speedway. However, he wasn’t prepared for 90+mph winds that recently tore the roof from his hillside home.

“I saw this black cloud come up over the hills,” says Baker, owner of the 1,800-acre Grinders Switch Farm in Tennessee. “The first gust was ferocious. At least 90mph. That storm took down several hundred trees on our property. It tore the metal roof off our guest house. In addition, it simply pulled the high-end asphalt shingles right off our main home.”

When the storm passed, shingles were scattered everywhere.

“Suddenly we were in the market for new roofing,” says Baker. “Mother Nature really threw us a curveball.”

Shopping for a New Roof

With the need for new roofing, Baker did what most homeowners do. He asked an expert — the owner of Don Kennedy Roofing Company. According to the 2021 Roof Purchasing Study, when it comes time to select a specific roofing brand, 57% of homeowners look to their contractors for recommendations.

“Don Kennedy and I go to church together,” says Baker. “It made sense to ask his opinion. He recommended DaVinci Roofscapes products.”

Why DaVinci? Because the composite slate and shake products can stand up to 110mph winds. Made to realistically replicate cedar shake shingles and natural slate roofing, durable DaVinci products have an authentic appearance.

“For me, the priority was finding a roofing product with strong wind resistance,” says Baker. “My wife and I wanted a good-looking shake shingle. She specifically wanted a shake product that was maintenance-free and would resist the growth of algae. DaVinci products checked off all the boxes.”

Impressive Roof

Choosing Select Shake

After studying their options, the Bakers decided on DaVinci Select Shake shingles. They chose the Black Oak blend of colors to complement their stone siding and mountain setting.

“This was our first time installing DaVinci composite roofing, but it isn’t our last,” says Shane Taylor with Don Kennedy Roofing. “Our crew was impressed with the realistic look and craftsmanship of the product. We actually enjoyed the installation of the Select Shake on the Baker’s main house, garage and pool house. The final, unified look is striking.

“This was a large, eight-week project. There’s copper flashing on six chimneys, valleys, drip edges and other areas. Once our crew got used to the installation process, it went smoothly.

“We’ve already finished four DaVinci projects so far this year. In addition, we’ve got three more scheduled. This composite roofing product is really taking off in our marketplace.”

Impressive Roofing Installation Impressive Roof

With scaffolding surrounding the house for weeks, the Bakers actually ended up enjoying the roofing process.

“Shane and his team were impressive,” says Baker. “The pride they took in their work showed through on a daily basis.

“No one actually wants to go through a re-roofing project. However, the team from Don Kennedy Roofing made this as painless as possible for us.”

With a Cherry on Top

As the Bakers continue to enjoy their mountain views, they now rest easier when storms are forecast.

“We’ve had some serious wind blasts in recent months,” says Baker. “However, I’m not worried about this Select Shake roof. I believe in its resilience. And, it looks simply stunning.

“There’s also a greater peace-of-mind that we have with this composite shake roof. We’re in the middle of a forest. That means if there’s a fire, embers can fly toward the house. Knowing that the DaVinci roof is fire resistant adds a level of comfort for us.”

As he now speeds around his property on a four-wheeler and not a racecar, Baker is thankful for his home — and his new roof.

“This house was always meant to have this composite shake roof,” says Baker. “It looks like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae.”