Composite Slate Chosen for Coastal Home

Inspired by other top-tier homes in the neighborhood, this house rocks DaVinci Composite Slate.Looking for a new multi-width slate roof? The best tip designer Patricia Gaylor can give is to “get in your car and drive around.”

Gaylor found that looking at roofs on houses is a great second step after examining sample boards and tiles. For a beach home project she worked on this year, Gaylor got in her car and drove around to see composite multi-width slate tiles on different homes.

“I came into this project knowing the homeowner had decided on DaVinci Roofscapes multi-width slate composite roofing,” says Gaylor, owner of Patricia Gaylor Sustainable Design Solutions. “They loved the look of slate, but wanted a product with less maintenance issues.”

“This area is still putting itself back together after Hurricane Sandy. Because this is a multi-generational family retreat near the New Jersey shore, the owners didn’t want to worry about moisture or wind problems.”

“Those factors brought them to DaVinci composite slate.”

“My job was to select the roof color that would best complement the home’s dark grayish green siding plus the brick fireplace chimney.”

Driving the Streets

To gain perspective, Gaylor visited a local Allied Building Products distribution center. After seeing product samples up close, the next step was to drive around.

“We were given an extensive list of DaVinci roofing projects in the area to view,” says Gaylor. “We looked at different roof colors, mixes and sizes of tiles to determine what would fit best with our new construction home project underway. Seeing the roofs installed was a great help.”

“After much thinking, we decided on the Aberdeen color blend. It has some tones of grey, brown, purple, green and stone. It’s the perfect blend for this house.”

Seaside Getaway

According to Gaylor, the roofing choice was critical not only for design aesthetics, but for how close the project is to the shoreline — less than two blocks.

“Property in Sea Girt is very desirable,” says Gaylor. “This lot used to have one home on it. After it was sold, the land was broken into three parcels for three houses.

“Building this new custom home meant lots of decisions for the homeowner. On the exterior we recommended all low maintenance products: composite siding, polyurethane trim, stained fiberglass garage doors and clad windows. Because sea air and salt spray can degrade products quickly, we want to make sure the products on the house are rated to handle coastal conditions.

“Topping the project, we have the DaVinci roofing with resistance to high winds, severe weather, salt air, impact and algae growth. That’s a great winning combination for a coastal homeowner.”

“I know this family is enjoying their home and sleeping peacefully at night. They’ve got the knowledge that their home exterior looks beautiful and can handle all types of weather challenges.”