Composite Slate Roof Fulfills Key Architectural Element of Home

When Don and Shannon Harvey want to escape for the weekend with their family, they head to their lake house. And, because “escape” means no homeowner hassles, they chose a no-maintenance DaVinci roof for their lakefront home.

With its Tuscan-style architecture, the Harvey’s weekend retreat actually feels like a European vacation setting. Beautiful tile and clay make up the compound. A pool is located on the second level in the center of a Provence-feeling courtyard. And now, composite slate sits atop the entire structure.

Pros of Composite Slate

“There was asphalt roofing on the house that just didn’t fit the design,” says homeowner Shannon O’Keefe-Harvey. “We have real slate on our Atlanta home. We’re pleased with that, so we wanted real slate on this roof. That’s when we talked with Chris.”

Chris Braswell, owner of Braswell Construction Group, knows all about roofing. Especially composite slate roofing.

Smokey Gray Residential“I understood they were looking for something luxurious to set off this beautiful home,” says Braswell. “By introducing them to DaVinci Roofscapes, I gave them a different option. There are many pros and cons of real slate versus composite slate.

“With composite slate, it’s a lighter material. This means the infrastructure of the roof system doesn’t have to be built up to support the weight, as it would with real slate.

“In addition, DaVinci materials are impact resistant. Should there be a hail storm, or a branch fall on this roof, it will resist cracking and breaking. Overall, they get the great look of real slate and all the benefits of a composite product.”

Stylish Slate

After providing a compelling argument, the family chose a DaVinci Multi-Width Slate in a Smokey Gray color.

“We felt that the DaVinci tile looks the most like real slate on our other home,” says O’Keefe-Harvey. “The minimal maintenance required is a big advantage. However, it’s most important to us that the DaVinci composite slate roof is consistent with the architectural style of our house.

“This home was built in 2008. Only now does it have the roof it was meant to have all along. We absolutely love how it fulfills the role as a key architectural element of our home.”


World-Class Service

As the roofing project got underway, the Braswell Construction crew tackled several challenges. Both the main residence and the detached garage roofs needed replacing. Due to the unique design of the property, the team had to navigate around the pool on the second level. They had to carry the existing shingles over the roof. Then they disposed of them in front of the house. This was done so as not to damage the courtyard or pool.

“We really appreciate that the Braswell Construction team respected our property at all times,” says O’Keefe-Harvey. “We understand our home’s design is not particularly easy for a roofer. However, they respected our property and were extremely considerate. They worked efficiently to get the job done.

“Chris Braswell provided world-class service. His onsite team offered customer service that far exceeded our expectations. And, they gave us a DaVinci roof that we truly love.”