Composite Slate Roof Handles Colorado Snows

There’s a reason Snowmass Village in Colorado got its name. On an average, the picturesque town gets a massive 289 inches of snow each year. A typical U.S. city receives an average of 27 inches.

That kind of intense snow can be hard on a roof. Especially on a real cedar shake roof. After decades of deterioration, the Faurer family found their wood shake roof simply could not hold up for another winter. That’s when they made two big changes. First, to a climate-resistant composite slate roofing material. After that, to a faux slate product.

“We were ready to give our home a new look,” says homeowner Bruce Faurer. “In addition, we wanted more modern materials that would last longer. DaVinci was recommended as the best roof possible.”

Roofing with an Unbeatable Track Record

climate resistant composite slate
The team at Storm King Roofing evaluated the Faurer home. Given the forest setting, they felt DaVinci’s impact- and fire-resistant roofing product would be best-suited for the multi-level home.

“DaVinci’s track record and number of projects installed in the Colorado mountains gives our clients the reassurance they need when choosing a roofing product,” says Thomas Ice with Storm King Roofing. “This composite roofing product stands up to our harsh climate and environment. In addition, our installers are very skilled at installing DaVinci products. Above all else, this allows us to provide our customers with competitive pricing and excellent service.”

The management team at Storm King Roofing has been selling and installing DaVinci products for a combined 30+ years. Due to the popularity of the composite roofing tiles throughout Colorado, their teams install up to 10 DaVinci roofs each year.

Peace-of-Mind Transformation

The DaVinci Multi-Width Slate roof transformed the Faurer home. The family chose the climate-resistant composite slate product in a Castle Gray color to complement their home. Snow guards were strategically placed to reduce mass snow slide during melting.

“We noticed after a recent snowfall that the snow gently slid off the roof,” says Faurer. “In addition, the snow guards protect our entryway and decks where placed. That’s a big help.

“Overall we’re exceptionally pleased with our decision to invest in a DaVinci roof. And in our decision to hire Storm King Roofing. Both offer a quality product. And, both have helped give our home’s exterior a new future.”