Composite Slate Roof Tops Expansive Home

Every year or two a roofer gets a one-of-a-kind project. A special home re-roofing job that truly stays with them. A project so unique that only composite roofing will perfectly accent the home. That’s the type of project Jessie Gillam had in the summer of 2018.

“The overall architecture of this home and the design of the roof made this project dynamic,” says Gillam with University Roofing & Construction out of St. Louis, Missouri. “There are 65 different facets on this roof. Plus there are three distinctly different turrets. This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime type of project.”

Switching to Impact Resistant Roofing

Located in Wentzville, Missouri, this property has it all. Swimming pool with a unique two-story pavilion. Expansive children’s play area with a mini Ferris wheel. A horse barn and training yard.

When the sprawling three-story home was built, the homeowners originally wanted a slate roof. Instead they invested in a slate-looking asphalt shingle roof.

slate composite roofing

Over the years, baseball-sized hail badly damaged the roof. Even though it was supposed to be a “lifetime shingle,” after 17 years it was in poor shape from many hail storms.

“This homeowner saw what Mother Nature can do to a roof,” says Gillam. “He decided that a Class 4 impact rated roofing product was what he wanted.

“When I brought the DaVinci Roofscapes Multi-Width Slate composite roofing for him to see, he was fascinated. The authentic look of the product in the European color blend plus the technological specifications sold him.”

Handling Roofing Challenges

slate roofing

According to Gillam, his team encountered many challenges with a restoration of this size and scope. This started with logistics. The first challenge was a tricky one: transporting, storing and delivering materials to such a large rooftop. The team used a telehandler to assist them.

“Our second challenge was replacing a designer asphalt shingle with composite slate,” says Gillam. “We had to redesign the way we installed some of the crickets, pans and valleys.

“We brought in a crew from Connecticut to help on this project. The collaboration between them and the DaVinci technical expert, Eric Salvesen, was extraordinary.”

Solving Challenges with DaVinci

composite roofing

A premier exterior restoration company, University Roofing & Construction specializes in high-end, complex projects. The company returns again and again to DaVinci products.

“We’ve installed DaVinci composite roofing on everything from small room additions to full blown restorations projects,” says Gillam. “We absolutely love the quality and authenticity of this composite roofing product.

“The vast color selections and blends give this roofing universal appeal. And, the customer support from every person involved with DaVinci is first class.

“At University Roofing & Construction we’re proud to have a working partnership with DaVinci Roofscapes. Just as we did with this spectacular project, we’ll continue to recommend and install this composite roofing material whenever we can.”