Composite Slate Roof Tops Utah Home

Inspired by castles visited during a trip to Germany, Brecken Bang and his wife decided to incorporate turrets into the architectural design of their new Utah home in 2014. The stunning custom home looks like a mini castle itself with a unique stone/rock overlay on top of cast-in-place concrete.

“Everyone who sees our roof thinks it is a real slate roof and they love it,” says Brecken Bang.

In reality, the simulated slate roofing atop the home is manufactured slate from DaVinci Roofscapes.

“We wanted our house to have the real slate roof look, but with lower maintenance concerns,” says Bang. “One big factor for us selecting DaVinci was the wind rating. It can withstand winds up to 110mph. We did not want to lose any roofing in the strong winds we can get here. An added bonus was that we could create a custom gray and black color blend to add depth and a bold look to the roof.”

Slate Roof Alternative
All of the structural walls and floors in the home are concrete and steel, which is not surprising since Bang is co-owner of Bang Concrete, which creates custom concrete walls.

“The home was built to last and we also wanted a designer roof that would last,” says Bang. “Especially when it came to the turrets. Our roofer, Centennial Roofing, agreed that the DaVinci polymer roofing was much easier to use on the turrets than concrete tiles or natural slate shingles. The look is so authentic that sometimes I tell people that the DaVinci roof almost looks like dragon scales on our castle!”