Composite Slate Roofing Tops St. Louis Estate

Roof envy.  That’s what neighbors have for a stunning DaVinci Multi-Width Slate roof on the estate of a St. Louis homeowner.

Installed by Duration Construction, the custom blend of simulated slate roofing includes 25% Slate Gray, 20% Light Gray, 20% Dark Stone, 20% Green Stone and 15% Dark Purple. The distinctive custom blend was requested by the homeowners to get the exact look they desired.

“One of the unique aspects of working with DaVinci Roofscapes is that people are not locked in to any dictated color choices,” says Shawn Wittenberg, president of Duration Construction. “There are 50 colors to choose from and DaVinci can easily create a custom blend like they did for this project. That means our customers are always happy with their roofing choices.” (See 3 Reasons A Custom Color Could Be The Best Choice For Your Project)

Designer Roof

For this estate, Wittenberg and his team installed DaVinci slate alternative roofing materials on three structures on the property: the main house including two wings, the pool house and a barn. They replaced a different roof system that was cracking, breaking and had severe color fade issues.

“I’ve installed more than 40 DaVinci roofs over the years and I’m certain these homeowners will be happy with these synthetic slate shingles,” says Wittenberg. “I’ve found that DaVinci products hold up extremely well compared to all the other brands I’ve used in the past. Most importantly, I’ve never had a single call back with any problems with a DaVinci roof.  That speaks volumes for the quality and durability of the product.

“I stick with DaVinci composite roofing products for many reasons. Tops on my list is that it looks amazing, it’s easy to install and homeowners have a lifetime warranty on the materials!”